The Best Luxury Bath and Body Products Under £15

The Best Luxury Bath and Body Products Under £15
Most of us invest heavily in the skin from the neck up and opt for budget beauty products on the rest of our body. What if we told you that there are a handful of luxury bodycare products that cost less than £15? Scroll down to discover the six bath and body products for under £15…

Space NK

Rewild Body Wash, N/A

With the help of relaxing rhodiola extract and soothing birch tree water, Space NK’s Rewild Body Wash works on two levels to help cleanse your skin and calm your mind. If the refreshing, outdoorsy scent isn’t enough of a pull to keep you coming back and the softness of your skin – without rich moisturisers – will be.



Caring Hand Cream Unfragranced, £ 10,00

Hand cream has become a handbag staple over the past couple of years and Nursem'sCaring Hand Cream is a firm favourite. The unfragranced formula is perfect for hyper-sensitive skin and with the help of pro-vitamin B5, glycerine and allantoin, even the driest and sorest of hands will be remedied. For just $13 this is a bargain.



Geranium Leaf Rinse-Free Hand Wash, £ 9,00

Speaking of handbag essentials, does anyone leave the house without hand sanitiser anymore? Aesop Geranium Leaf Rinse-Free Hand Wash is our go-to formula as the fresh, herby scent makes the mundane task of water-free washing feel a little bit more luxurious. The scent lingers for longer than you’d expect, which will leave you questioning if this is the best £7 you’ve spent in a while.


Aromatherapy Associates

Revive Shower Oil, £ 10,00

Aromatherapy Associates Shower Oils will bring a lot of joy to your life. Not only do they contain the potent blend of essential oils, but they're travel-friendly in the 50ml bottle and are only a tenner each. Yes, the price is correct and yes, you should absolutely add at least one to your basket right now – they'll will transform your evening shower routine.


Space NK

Voyage Hand Wash, N/A

Drift off to distant shores for 20 seconds with Space NK’s Voyage Exfoliating Hand Wash. The notes of mandarin, coconut and sandalwood will transport you, while apricot seed and aloe vera cleanse your hands. There are feel-good refills available when its time to top-up your hand wash.


This Works

Stress Check Body Polish, N/A

Slough away dry skin and the stresses of your day with this soothing body scrub. While pumice offers physical scrub, lactic acid provides a gentle chemical exfoliation, all the while CBD is on hand to soothe and calm your skin.



Face + Body Soap Bar Infused With Repurposed Chai Spices, N/A

Looking for a multitasking, eco-friendly cleanser? Look no further than UpCircle's chai infused soap bar. Together with organic cinnamon and ginger oils, it offers a gentle but thorough cleanse for your face and body. Plus, it smells divine!


Mario Badescu

A.H.A Botanical Body Soap, £ 9,00

Most of us use an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) on our face and neck to help rinse away dry, dead skin and dial up our glow, so why not use one on our body, especially with summer on the horizon? Mario Badescu has created a vegan-friendly formula using fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate skin. Your skin is left feeling super smooth and the zesty scent is a real mood-booster in the mornings too.


Margaret Dabbs London

Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum Pen, £ 13,00

Too often we forget to look after our nails, but fortunately Margaret Dabbs has our back, and this nourishing serum can help strengthen and rehydrate dry, weak nails. We recommend keeping it by your bed as a reminder to apply every evening before you go to sleep.


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Posted: Tuesday, 22 November 2022

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