Best 5 This Works Products

When you want a treatment that keeps going throughout the day, This Works aromatic products can help you to deal with the demands of modern life calmly. The brand’s founders believe every good day begins with getting the best possible night’s sleep, and their natural sleep sprays have become globally successful. Our This Works bestsellers are enriched with their Super Blend, a fusion of essential oils, botanical oils and natural actives, each of which has been sourced and tested for therapeutic effectiveness. No unnecessary additives are used, and each treatment is free from parabens, GMOs and synthetic colour.





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This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

When nodding off at night does not come easily, the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray can help you create a more calming atmosphere before bedtime. We all know it can be hard to relax on cue, but a few spritzes of this lavender, vetiver and chamomile scented treat can produce a sensation of calm. As well as aiding the onset of sleep, it is designed to encourage uninterrupted rest and minimise feelings of anxiety. This is a gentle formula which is even safe for pregnant women and children over three.

This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

You can work on minimising small imperfections, blurring away bruises and revealing a healthy glow, with the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle. This lotion is tinted to invest your skin with a gentle hint of colour and contains vitamins C and E to help repair areas of damage. Soothing arnica works to tackle bruises and promote fading. Although it is designed for use on the legs, you can smooth on this transformative treatment all over.

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This Works Choose Sleep Set

Rest can be elusive when our lives are hectic, but the This Works Choose Sleep Set makes peaceful slumber easier to achieve with a duo of aromatherapy-based treatments. Mist the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray onto your pillow to calm the mood each evening with soothing lavender and wild chamomile. During the day, you can manage difficult situations with the Stress Check Roll-On, a go-to remedy for tension and worry. Simply roll on to pressure points and enjoy the relaxing aroma of frankincense, lavender and eucalyptus.

This Works Energy Bank Shower Gel

Reinvigorate your senses after a great night of sleep with the This Works Energy Bank Shower Gel, a refreshing cleanser with restorative natural oils. Use it to banish feelings of stress and create a positive frame of mind in the bath. One of our best treatments from This Works, this aromatherapy tincture contains rosemary, ylang-ylang, bergamot and orange.

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This Works Morning Expert Multi-acid Pads

If your skin is in need of a morning pick-me-up, the This Works Morning Expert Multi-acid Pads will tackle breakouts effectively. Supporting a smoother complexion and a healthy glow, these pads are simple to use as part of your existing morning routine. Infused with alpha-hydroxy acids, they work as a gentle exfoliator, lifting away dead cells and impurities to unclog the pores and restore balance.