What Is Contouring Makeup?

Over the past few years, contouring – using makeup a few shades darker than your natural skin tone to define your facial features – has become one of the most popular beauty trends ever. Thanks to this cool trend, you can buy contour products and sets to create a contouring effect.

Let’s take a look at the different types of contouring makeup products available…

Contour Stick/Pencil

Think of this as your contouring ‘magic’ wand. This should be applied over the cheeks and the jawline to shape and contour them, then blended in for a subtle finish.

Contour Blush

Applied on the cheeks, cheekbones, temples of the face and the tip of the chin, contour blush accentuates these specific areas and the high points of the face while illuminating them at the same time.

Contour Bronzer

As part of contouring your face, it’s essential to get that golden glow, and that’s where contour bronzer comes in. Contour bronzer helps to give your contoured and sculpted complexion a luminous look.

Sculpting Powder

Sculpting powder is a soft-textured powder that blends into the skin to enhance a more defined complexion. This is the product that completes the contouring and sculpted look.

Contouring And Sculpting Palette

Many contour products come combined in the form of a kit or a palette, meaning that you can easily achieve the all-in-one contoured look. Best of all, many contour palettes are compact, so that you can touch up your sculpted look on the go.