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How many fragrances do you own? And how many of those do you wear regularly? Over the years, most of us have slowly built up a solid fragrance wardrobe. There’s the lighter, crisper perfume for the weekends, perhaps a sandalwood concoction for holidays and something heavier and richer for the winter months. The idea of having just one signature scent seems somewhat out of date these days with the array of fragrances at our disposal.

Yet, even with a wardrobe of scents, we can still get bored of spritzing the same collection on rotation. Enter the art of fragrance layering. Whether you combine two perfumes, or consciously pair a scented body lotion underneath, fragrance layering is the perfect way to intensify and customise your chosen scent. Read on to discover how to mix up your scent…

What Is Fragrance Layering?

The art of layering your perfume can help you create a bespoke scent and is ideal for fragrance fans who like to experiment. “It’s not so unlike putting on different layers of clothing,” says Andrew Goetz, co-founder of Malin + Goetz. “Each layer brings something unique and special to the ensemble.”

What’s The Benefits Of Layering Fragrance?

Primarily to help you find that elusive ‘the one,’ but there are other benefits. “Layering will help your fragrance last longer as you are preventing your skin from absorbing all of the fragrance oils as quickly,” says Alex Goddard, training manager at Acqua di Parma. “A fragrance will smell different on each of us, and layering will reinforce the true smell of said fragrance.”

How To Layer Fragrance

Although much of it is down to personal taste, there are certain guidelines to think about when it comes to layering and an art to the application. “Each fragrance is its own tiny masterpiece and was created with enormous skill and passion to be one single sensorial experience. It would be like pouring Claridge's Hollandaise Sauce over The Wolseley's Creme Brulee,” explains fragrance expert and journalist, Alice du Parcq. “I love marrying two different-but-complimentary scents, where one is sprayed on one wrist and side of the neck and the other on the opposite side.” Now onto the all-important combinations...

Classic combinations

A sandalwood-based scent with something citrusy is a classic combination as the smooth sandalwood adds a creamy, softer element to the zingy citrus. Give Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria Eau de Toilette, £84.00 a sophisticated twist by pairing it with .

Contrasting combinations

If you're feeling brave, Daniel suggests, “choosing two that have contrasting fragrances such as something fruity with a woody scent.” We recommend trying Sisley-Paris Eau Tropicale, N/A with Aesop Karst Eau de Parfum, £145.00.

Alice’s combination

A warm, opulent, spicy vanilla-bomb scent such as Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum, £145.00 on one wrist, with a dose of dry, tree-trunk woodland notes on the other, AKA Maison Margiela Autumn Vibes Eau De Toilette, £60.00, is a gorgeous combo for crisp, cold, sunny days.

The Must-Have Fragrance For Layering

It's rare that we would call out one specific fragrance so boldly, but Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette, £70.00 was made for layering in our humble opinion. The brand's founder and legendary fragrance nose, Geza Schoen focused on one single note, lso E Super. It's not just any fragrance note, lso E Super works with your natural pheromones and creates a subtle and unique, but incredibly alluring scent that is unique to you. While you can absolutely embrace the single note and wear it alone, it is also a fabulous base scent to layer with other fragrances or body lotions. Speaking of bodycare...

How To Layer Fragrance With Your Bodycare

With the number of ways to wear fragrance constantly growing, you can change up your scent to suit your mood and the occasion. Scented serums and body lotions are a more affordable option and with plenty of ultra-luxe formulas, you don’t have to compromise on quality. Take a lightweight lotion such as Byredo Rose of No Man's Land Body Lotion, £50.00 to create a base fragrance before spritzing your usual perfume. We currently love the citrusy pop of Jo Loves Pomelo A Fragrance, £82.00, it puts a spring in our step. Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Body Lotion, £49.00 is perfect for mixing in with a scent-free body lotion to create a rich base layer, or to simply ensure your Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua Eau de Toilette, £100.00 lasts even longer. From Tom Ford to Diptyque and Byredo, lots of brands have formulated their signature scents into body lotions to intensify the fragrance.

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Posted: Monday, 18 September 2023

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