How to Live Healthily

how to live healthily with elle macpherson
Image: @ellemacphersonofficial

If anyone knows how to keep their skin and body in the best possible shape, it’s the original Body herself. We talk healthy living from the inside out and the best cheat recipe for chocolate mousse, with brand founder, Elle Macpherson.

Clean beauty is a real talking point now but it feels like you were ahead of curve when you created WelleCo…

“Our mission when we began was simple: ‘create the things you wish existed’; real solutions to help make everyday life easier for busy people. That’s what we have done from the start. When we launched Super Elixir Greens in 2014 there was nothing like it on the market. Beauty was considered skin-deep and the focus was on topical products. Since then, the industry has gained momentum, especially at the premium end, and plant-based supplements remain intrinsic to our business. Beauty from the inside is now widely regarded globally, and we are proud to have led this revolutionary change in the health and beauty sectors.

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What we are most proud of though is our loyal and ever-growing list of global customers and self-appointed ambassadors who have faith in our elixirs, love the product and see and feel the benefits every day.”

how to live healthily

How do you embody a ‘healthy from the inside out’ approach to life?

“I prefer to have goals and for me, it is about living every day clean, green, joyfully and active. I’ve found when I am nourished and maintain a healthy pH balance, it assists with lowering acidity in the body that can lead to inflammation, low energy and weight gain. I take the WelleCo Super Elixir Greens twice a day and I eat a largely vegan diet, so anything packed with organic, seasonal plant-based ingredients is my go-to. It has transformed the way I feel and made me realise what a profound impact good nutrition can have on the way I feel and how this can show on the outside. I believe true beauty radiates from within.”

How do you keep your mind healthy as well as your skin and body?

“I like to start my day as holistically as possible. Ideally, I start the day quietly with a morning meditation; I resist looking at screens and focus on absolute stillness. At night, I do yoga… to calm the body and mind. It is my evening ritual.”

What are your summer beauty must haves?

“A wide-brimmed cowboy hat and sunglasses to protect my face and a Melissa Odabash bikini and coverup. And water! I routinely drink three litres a day to help with the rehydration process, so both my skin and body benefit.”

What’s your go-to healthy recipe?

“My avocado chocolate mousse! It’s my go-to summer snack when I’m craving something delicious but also nourishing. It’s a perfect energy booster and the probiotics support digestion and a healthy gut pH balance, which means I’m healthy on the inside and the outside.
1 scoop Nourishing Plant Protein Chocolate
1 scoop Super Elixir Greens 

½ avocado
250ml filtered water

Blitz well and enjoy!”

living healthily with elle macpherson
Image: @ellemacphersonofficial

What’s your beauty handbag must-have?

“I choose not to wear or spend too much time on makeup. I do ‘un-makeup’ makeup’ and keep it very natural. I apply RMS coconut-oil-based pigments to my cheeks and lips when I want a soft, natural glow and colour.”

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