Six Disco Ball Party Perfumes That Sparkle

Six Disco Ball Party Perfumes That Sparkle
Intense, electrifying and euphoric, the physical and emotional act of dancing is something I am really, really going to miss this season. Sure, I have regular kitchen discos with my daughters as I’m making them dinner, but there is nothing quite like the glittering darkness of a night club or party dancefloor to unlock all inhibitions and worries. It is therapy at its most raw and most natural, as you throw your body and mind into the pulsating beat of a great song and untangle all those silly surface cobwebs that really don’t matter.

It feels so damn good for the soul, and I’m convinced a great perfume can have a similar effect at tapping into that sensorial exhilaration. Whether you’re a pizzazzy podium princess or a sensual lounge-club siren, these perfumes glimmer like disco balls and fill you with the confidence and energy of an epic power ballad crescendo.

Charlotte Tilbury

Scent Of A Dream Eau de Parfum, £29.40

“Fleurotic” is what Charlotte calls her signature perfume: a flower-packed, fresh, fruity scent with sumptuous musk and amber that crawls into you pores and morphs you into some kind of glamour bomb 90s supermodel icon strutting down the catwalk and off to a VIP after-party. It has a wild-abandon freshness to it that’s like light refracting from a diamond in a million joyous beams. It’s perfumed positivity at its finest and we are here for it!


Tom Ford

Metallique Eau De Parfum, £165.00

Fun fact: often perfumers use compounds called aldehydes to manipulate, heighten and invigorate other ingredients – like adding fizz to wine to transform into champagne. And this is what’s going on here in Metallique. The intro flavours of pink pepper and bergamot have been lifted to sparkling new heights, so at first sniff your senses are catapulted into a galaxy of glittering citrus peels and glowing spices that represent the reflective luminosity of the perfume’s name. The balance comes from a soft, powdery dose of heliotrope, addictive-but-not-cloying vanilla and pillowy musk – it’s so delicious, so curious, so clever – I’m hooked.



Eau Capitale Eau De Parfum, £153.00

If you love your rose perfumes, this is the most extravagant style imaginable – like a grand ballroom filled with a thousand bouquets tumbling from urns and trailing onto the dancefloor, all gathered up and sucked into a precious little bottle. When you spray it, you can practically see the petals unfurling over you, consuming every part of your body like some kind of rose-scented fairy-tale ballgown. An elegant, smoky wisp of patchouli draws the scent further to make it dance all night, spread it wings and do a thousand things.


Atelier Cologne

Grand Néroli Cologne, £58.80

Neroli (the posh name for the oil extracted from the blossom of the bitter orange tree) is prized in perfumery because it smells so twinklingly bright and luminous, like clean sheets straight from the garden line. Here in a ‘cologne absolue’, it is propelled into a huge explosion of citrusy-floral crystal stalactites. Although some would slot this into the ‘summer’ fragrance crew, I’m all about a scented S.A.D winter antidote. It is a tingling shot of floral vitamin D and floods you with the carefree thrill of vacay wanderlust.



Soir d'Orient Eau de Parfum, £160.00

Do you ever smell a fragrance and picture a famous movie character? When I smell Soir D’Orient I see Isabella Rossellini in Death Becomes Her, draped like a lynx on her throne wearing a red velvet sarong, enormous bejewelled necklace, golden ear-cuff, red lipstick and slicked hair. She’s so powerful, mysterious and captivating, with an air of delicious danger, darkness and seduction (that thigh split!). This phenomenal, richly opulent ‘oriental’ perfume is probably what her magic potion smells like: heady saffron, deep rose and spiritual incense. Rather than sparkle, this one radiates like a treasure chest full of tantalising gold and precious gems.



Blanche Eau de Parfum, N/A

This is the perfumed equivalent of a highlighting makeup stick: it illuminates and refreshes in quite the most other-worldly way, like you’ve been kissed by Pegasus in a beam of celestial sunlight. This glowing, sheer scent captures the concept of the colour white – innocent, transparent and pure, with blindingly bright flashes of aldehyde-infused white rose, neroli and peony. It shimmers on the skin with an astrological aura that lifts you up like you’re dancing on air.


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