Brazilian Blow Dry

brazailian blow dry

Waking up with a halo of frizz surrounding my face has been a concern for me as long as I can remember. Until this year when I finally decided to try the incredibly popular semi-permanent hair treatment to tame unruly locks; known as a “Brazilian Blow Dry”, this is actually a brand name that is commonly used to describe a wide array of hair smoothing treatments. If you find yourself ducking and diving for shelter at the mere mention of rain, wind, humidity or – let’s face it – any weather scenario apart from perfectly calm and sunny, it’s likely you may also be prone to frizz and fluff. The treatment’s name pays testament to its Brazilian origins, going on to become a favourite among Hollywood A-Listers and beauty editors lusting after silkier strands. Now, thanks to a gradual democratisation of the process, and its spread across the pond, you can find it on most high-streets around the UK. In my quest for smoother, more manageable locks I spoke to two experts before trying the treatment myself. Curious? Keep scrolling to discover if this sleek treatment might be right for you…

What Is A Brazilian Blow Dry?

For those who are hoping to fight frizz, a Brazilian Blow Dry A.K.A a keratin treatment is a semi-permanent solution that “works from the inside out to help smooth and alter the texture of the hair without damaging the integrity of it,” says Sam Burnett, founder and Creative Director of London’s Hare & Bone salon. Semi-permanent blow dries work by coating the outer layer of the hair with a keratin infused lotion to smooth the cuticle, remove frizz and enhance shine. Keratin is a naturally-occurring protein that supports the structures of the hair and forms a healthy foundation of the hair, nails and skin. It depletes naturally over time and due to environmental factors such as heat, UV damage and physical stress. By replenishing keratin within the hair during the treatment, this helps to smooth the hair’s surface and support elasticity for a healthier appearance.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

A Brazilian blow dry is a multi-step treatment that can take up to four hours dependent on the length and thickness of your hair, and involves applying a rich keratin treatment to the full length of hair before blow drying it straight to encourage a silky-smooth finish. Some treatments involve using keratin straighteners to lock in the lotion and may also involve several hair washes between different stages of the treatment.

How Long Does A Brazilian Blow Dry Last?

“Dependent on your hair type and the type of treatment used results vary and can last anywhere between two to five months,” says Sam. Treatments are cumulative as the keratin builds up in layers over time, so each treatment should last longer, and effects will become more apparent. If you have particularly curly or thick hair, you may need more frequent treatment applications.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Brazilian Blow Dry

The main thing is that the results and strength of each treatment can vary significantly person to person. Sam advises going in for a full-consultation to find out all the information before committing to ensure you know what to expect.

How To Care For A Brazilian Blow Dry?

Always check with your stylist during your consultation on the appropriate aftercare regime for your treatment. For the majority of smoothing blow-dries using sulphate-free shampoo and conditioners are advised to help maintain your ‘do, says Windle & Moodie stylist Martina Giardull. Some of our favourite sulphate-free shampoos include Windle & Moodie’s Ultra Nourishing Shampoo, Ouai’s Volume Shampoo and Oribe’s Moisture & Control Shampoo. For conditioners try Briogeo’s Farewell Frizz Smoothing Conditioner or Living Proof’s No Frizz Conditioner. For some types of keratin treatment, you may need to avoid washing or tying up hair for up to three days post-treatment, but for other formulations you’re able to wash your hair straight away. Martina also recommends sleeping on a silk pillowcase to help protect and maintain the sleek feel of your hair. We love Slip’s Silk Pillowcase, which is made of high-quality mulberry silk.

Treatment Review

After a consultation I opted for a NanoSmooth Pure Treatment at Hare & Bone Salon, which promised to maintain my natural wave, while smoothing the frizz around my hairline. Using plant and herbal proteins, the treatment I trialled helped smooth the fluff and frizz I struggled with so much. I was able to walk out of the salon with instantly more manageable and sleeker hair and the results lasted well for over two months. The application process did take over three hours (my hair is past shoulder-length) so it’s a significant initial time investment, but it’s been a game-changer for day-to-day management of my unruly frizz. Since having the treatment I’ve felt more comfortable letting my hair air dry as it has been noticeably smoother, which has saved precious time in my morning routine and I’ve finally managed to tame the frizzy halo.