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Founded in 2015, fragrance brand Phlur became a sensation when the iconic fashion content creator Chriselle Lim became its owner and creative director in 2021. Chriselle, who at the time was going through personal difficulties, said that fragrance helped her heal – hence her decision to join a name that was known for being one of the first fragrance brands to champion ingredient transparency.

Under Chriselle's vision, Phlur is now one of the most sought-after fragrance brands in the world. The gone-viral ‘Missing Person’ was born out of Chriselle's own experience of going through a breakup and missing the comfort of waking up next to someone. Ultimately, this very much sums up Phlur’s mission, which is to evoke memories, feelings and experiences that are universal to all of us.

Offering an incredibly stylish collection of genderless fragrances that are bursting with character and coolness, Phlur is an absolute must-try for both fragrance fiends and those who instantly create memories through their scents. And to help your nose take a deep dive into this unique brand, we’ve handpicked some of the most distinctive Phlur fragrances that are guaranteed to please every nose.

Meet the best Phlur perfumes



Discovery Kit 2024, £35.00

Escape into half-forgotten memories and joyous moments with Phlur’s Discovery Kit for 2024, featuring a selection of the brand’s best-selling fragrances into miniature, sample-sized potions. Inside, you’ll discover the alluring romanticism of Missing Person Eau De Parfum, the sugary sweetness of Mood Ring and a citrusy spectacle with Tangerine Boy. The result? A selection of poetic scents that will leave you longing for evenings wandering flower-dotted meadows or watching the sun soak the horizon in gold. 



Missing Person Eau De Parfum, £29.00

Olfactive family: floral musk

Try it if: you like soft, warm and comforting scents

If you’re new to this scent and wondering why it went viral, believe us when we say it’s worth the hype. Its curious name hints at a lover one longs for, and these deeply sensual musings are achieved by notes of bergamot nectar, jasmine, neroli blossom and white musk. Warm and delicate, it’s a scent you’ll likely want more of.



Apricot Privée Eau De Parfum, £29.00

Olfactive family: fruity warm

Try it if: you like grown-up fruity scents

Not for the faint-hearted, Apricot Privée is an unapologetically bold scent that’s wonderfully uplifting and decadent. This uniquely fruity fragrance opens with rich accords of plum, apricot and cardamom. A bouquet of jasmine and peony follows, and its agarwood, tonka beans, sandalwood and labdanum base gives a warm and woody feel.



Mood RIng Eau De Parfum, £29.00

Olfactive family: fruity floral

Try it if: you want to be reminded of your favourite childhood sweets

The sweetest escape is just a spritz away with this joyful and (literally) vibrant fragrance. Oozing a playful hint of childhood nostalgia with its top note of fruit gummies, the feelgood sensations are further heightened by dragon fruit pulp and sweet orange. Further accords of orange flower, jasmine sambac, patchouli and sheer amber make this scent a must for sugary seekers.



Father Figure Eau De Parfum, £29.00

Olfactive family: powdery woody

Try it if: you like natural fragrances

Lush and green, Father Figure’s perfumer took inspiration from secret gardens to create this vivid, skin-like scent. Waterlily, fig and cassis buds take the lead, which mix perfectly with orris root, iris flower and jasmine dew. Vanilla Madagascar, patchouli leaf, sandalwood and skin musk (the equivalent of a ‘no makeup’ makeup look in fragrance) further help create a natural and sensual effect.



Tangerine Boy Eau De Parfum, £29.00

Olfactive family: citrus spice

Try it if: you live for citrusy scents

Bright, bold and fun, this citrusy celebration was made for those with a zest for life. It starts strong with a vibrant opening of lemon, ginger and black pepper. Luscious bites of apple and tangerine mingle with jasmine petal and are rounded up by a sensual base of amber and moss. In short – if you love all things fruity and citrusy, this one’s for you.



Strawberry Letter Eau De Parfum, £29.00

Olfactive family: fruity amber

Try it if: you love bright, statement fragrances

Strawberry fans, rejoice – this is a bright, crisp and playful take on the sweetest fruit of all. Strawberry, plum and cassis may steal the scent show, but touches of wild lily, red poppy, apple blossom, tonka bean and sugared amber make this fragrance surprisingly chic and complex. We also love how the red bottle reflects the scent’s ultra-saturated essence.



Not Your Baby Eau De Parfum, £29.00

Olfactive family: floral spicy

Try it if: you prefer bold fragrances that make a lasting impression

Giving floral feels a spicy upgrade, Not Your Baby is a powdery affair that’s powered by cardamom and bergamot. Mimosa and violet add to the floral spectacle, and the intensity of this palette is perfectly balanced by underlying notes of milky vanilla, sandalwood and tonka bean. Be warned though – if you like statement scents, this is extremely addictive.


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Posted: Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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