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Lisa Eldridge Skin Tint review | Space NK

From luscious lipsticks to easy-to-use cream eyeshadows and perfectly dewy highlighters, there’s not much from Lisa Eldridge's dreamy makeup collection that we can resist. There is one product in particular that has received a lot of attention in the Space NK office and that's the Skin Tint.

Available in 18 shades, the Seamless Skin Enhancing Tint is a result of Lisa’s love for a natural, seamless base. “My goal has always been to enhance natural beauty and bring out the best in every face – that’s never changed,” she says. “My Skin Tint is inspired by this lifelong love of creating naturally enhanced complexions with the most true-to-skin, nuanced tones.”

The Seamless Skin Enhancing Tint is described as a skincare-meets-makeup formula that works to effortlessly even out your skin tone, lift shadows, tone down redness and boost luminosity for a replenished, healthy and plumped looking complexion. So, we asked three team members to share their thoughts on this new base product. Spoiler alert: if you’re a fan of skin tints, you might want to add this to your wish list!


Skin type: Oily

Skin tone: Deep

The product: Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Enhancing Tint, £37.00 in T12

Lisa Eldridge Skin Tint Vivienne Review | Space NK

I don’t normally wear full coverage foundations; I like a light base and opt for a tinted moisturiser a lot of the time. I don’t want anything that feels heavy on my skin – I always look out for formulas that are as light as possible.

Lisa Eldridge Skin Tint Review Vivienne Before And After | Space NK
Vivienne before and after using Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Enhancing Tint in T12

This skin tint claims to be lightweight, and I can definitely vouch for that. I loved the feel of it from the get-go, I felt like the finish was almost satin-like! I applied it all over my complexion with my fingers and I found it super easy to blend – a little goes a long way. The coverage was actually more than I expected – and I loved the natural finish it gave. As for the longevity, it’s a winner for me – it lasted all day. I will definitely keep using it – in fact, it’s going straight into my everyday collection as I love the way it makes my skin look.


Skin type: Oily-combination

Skin tone: Medium with neutral undertones

The product: Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Enhancing Tint, £37.00 in T4

Lisa Eldridge Skin Tint Vanessa Review | Space NK

When it comes to base products, fuller coverage tends to be my thing for the most part of the year. It’s only during the sunnier months that I’ll happily go super light with my base (or even foundation and skin tint free). Which makes trying a skin tint when my complexion is plagued by winter dullness even more interesting!

Since Lisa Eldridge celebrates natural complexions, I felt like I was in safe hands when trying this skin tint. I tried the shade T4, which might be on the light side for me – but it was fine once on. Because the texture looked very light, I applied it with my fingers rather than a sponge or brush to avoid losing too much product (I tend to apply skin tints with my fingers anyway). I really liked how my skin looked straight after – not too matte, but not too shiny, very much ‘my skin but better’. It seemed to work well over my skincare and SPFs – and even though I have oily skin, my makeup still looked fine towards the end of the day. And this may be niche, but I really loved how it sat around my eye area – it looked very seamless!

Lisa Eldridge Skin Tint Review Vanessa Before And After | Space NK
Vanessa before and after using Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Enhancing Tint in T12

In terms of coverage, it is lighter than what I normally go for – it won’t replace my foundations, but it’s definitely got a spot in makeup collection for warmer days and times when I’m in the mood for something light. I’m curious to see how it will look during the summer, and I might consider trying a darker shade.


Skin type: Dry to combination

Skin tone: Fair with pink undertones

The product: Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Enhancing Tint, £37.00 in T1

Lisa Eldridge Skin Tint Victoria Review | Space NK

Concealer is my go-to base product on a day-to-day basis for brightening dark circles and disguising redness – both NARS and Erborian formulas are brilliant for this. I don't like the feeling of anything sitting on my skin, so occasionally I'll wear a tinted moisturiser or skin tint but that's as heavy as I go in terms of coverage.

I focused my attention on the T-zone and cheeks, and blended it out with my fingers. The formula was super easy to blend. The shade was perfect for my skin tone right now, however in the summer months I think I might need to go up a shade. I really liked the texture as it didn't feel too heavy and it blended easily.

Lisa Eldridge Skin Tint Victoria Review Before And After | Space NK
Victoria before and after using Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Enhancing Tint in T1

The coverage is very light, so I did apply two layers on my cheeks where I have a few blemishes. The finish is super natural – it looks like your skin but slightly enhanced. It's perfect for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

I'm a tricky customer when it comes to makeup and I probably expect too much from skin tints. Despite the light coverage, I still want them to camouflage any patches of uneven skin tone. Lisa Eldridge's formula is buildable, so I applied two layers on red patches and blemishes and it did help tone it down. It didn't feel heavy or mask-like. I will definitely use it again, but always with concealer.


All three team members were very pleased with the results of this skin tint. “It’s a must-try for skin tint lovers because it ticks so many boxes,” says Vanessa. “It’s very natural, but it definitely makes you look instantly better.”

Victoria agrees. “I think it's a very good option for those who like very minimal makeup,” she says. However, she does point out that for some people it might not be radiant enough. “It doesn't dial up your glow like other skin tints, so that's something to keep in mind if you want a dewy finish.”

The oval-shaped packaging might also be something to bear in mind. “I like a pump or pipette and find these easier to use when I'm applying my makeup. This is definitely a personal preference though,” says Victoria.


If you’re all for a natural base but prefer more coverage, you might want to try the Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Foundation, £44.00 – it’s not only lightweight and long-wearing, but also delivers a soft-focus effect. Like the Skin Tint, it's available in a huge range of shades to suit all skin tones and undertones. There’s also the Lisa Eldridge Elevated Glow Highlighter, £27.00, which offers a subtle radiance and helps to ever so slightly blur imperfections.

Lisa Eldridge hasn't just mastered bases; to tap into her signature look, we recommend investing in the Lisa Eldridge Kitten Lash Mascara, £29.00. We predict this is going to become a firm favourite with Space NK customers, especially when paired with the Lisa Eldridge Kitten Flick Liquid Eyeliner, £25.00.

We haven't even touched on Lisa's extensive lip offering, so make sure you explore the full collection, here.

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Posted: Tuesday, 30 April 2024

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