Fiona Stewart

The founder of silk pillowcase brand Slip, shares her weekend wind down, from wine, food and family, to face toning tools, masks and of course, Slip. Read on for Fiona’s Sunday to Monday routine and her go-to beauty products…

Fiona Stewart

The Wind Down

I start winding down once our ten-year-old son Louis’ sport and homework is done – there’s not really a set time, it’s just whenever we’re done with all the emails, soccer training and homework! Then we like to spend time with our boys (our other son Remy is four-years-old), cook a great meal, drink some wine and talk about the day. I love candles. I got out of the habit of lighting them when my boys were babies and liked to climb and touch everything – and I’ll light them whenever I remember these days. My favourite is Diptique Black Baies. We also listen to loads of music. For me and my partner Justin, it’s Tame Impala and Flume, and for the boys it’s whatever is in the charts. Sundays are all about hanging out together; wine, fires, friends, movies and great food. I used to be a Sunday night bath gal with a book and a wine. Now I am more of a Sunday night family gal and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Fiona Stewart

The Routine

I have very sensitive skin and I’m prone to reactions and rashes, so I’m loyal to skin and haircare that I don’t react to. Now that I am in my 40s my main concerns tend to be hydration, anti-aging and sensitivity. On Sundays, I try and use the opportunity to apply hydrating face masks and sometimes I’ll use a mask on my hair too. I’m a huge fan of OUAI’s Treatment Masks – they make my hair so shiny and soft and I’ll sometimes use them on my kids’ curly hair – they’re amazing for hydrating and taming curls. I’m a multi tasker – the days of lounging around and masking have gone – so usually I’ll go for products that are quick and easy-to-use. I’m obsessed with La Mer The Renewal Oil, Eve Lom Cleanser, Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brightening Treatment Mask and Dr. Barbara Strum Glow Drops and Calming Serum and I’ll use all of them on high rotation and repeat! As I’ve got older I’ve also become obsessed with toning and exercising my facial muscles so I love Sarah Chapman’s Facialift. And I love Nuface. It’s so great for a lifting effect and does wonders for my puffy eyes. I recommend it to everyone!

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I get up very early now I am in my 40s. I can’t do late nights and very early mornings every day! I am trying to get better at bedtimes and not read emails or look at Instagram and instead, try and have some calm time once the kids are asleep. I can’t say I’ve mastered it but I am getting better. I’ll use our Slip Sleep Mist and of course I sleep on a Slip Silk Pillowcase. I have a migraine gel pillow that Justin got me and that pillow, together with a Slip Pillowcase and some Byredo Rose Hand Cream and I’m all set! I try to be in bed at 9.30pm. Before you judge me, I get up at 4.30am. I’m such a light sleeper and it’s annoying to everyone near me… sorry guys! I don’t ever set an alarm and wake naturally by 5.00am. I love getting up early and having time for myself before the family’s day begins. My family is incredibly important to me and my number one priority but as I’m getting older, I realise more than ever that I need time for myself so I can be strong and well for my family. I love working so on Sunday nights I feel great about what awaits me. I think if you dread Monday you need to change your day to day!

Fiona Stewart

Monday Morning

I love every day and Monday is no different. I’m a jump out of bed girl but it helps that Justin got us an amazing coffee machine. I meditate very early in the morning when everyone else is asleep, drink a green juice and have an infra-red sauna. I can’t recommend them enough for overall wellbeing and they make your skin look amazing!

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