Our Favourite Tan Luxe Products For Head-To-Toe Glow

Launched by beauty specialist Marc Elrick in 2015, Tan-Luxe changed the self-tanning landscape when the brand unveiled The Face Illuminating Tan Drops. Two-to-three drops mixed into your favourite cream or serum leaves you with smooth, natural-looking results.

More than five years later, Tan-Luxe has continued to innovate with hydrating self-tans, nourishing body butters and more recently, an overnight, customisable, tan-skincare hybrid. Here are five of our favourite Tan-Luxe products that deserve a place in your bathroom cupboard…



Super Glow Night Repair, £39.00

The Overnight Treatment
The latest innovation from Tan-Luxe, this dynamic duo allows you to customise your tan and hydration levels to suit your skin. First up, apply the gradual tan Super Glow Elixir which also contains five tetra-peptides to help regenerate skin and improve the appearance of fine lines. Supercharge the skincare benefits by following with the luxurious Super Glow Facial Oil, packed full of antioxidants and vitamins. Come morning, your complexion will be smooth, radiant and lightly glowing.



Super Glow Face Serum SPF 30, £39.00

The Self-Tan With SPF
The original Tan-Luxe Super Glow Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum is one of our bestsellers and if you thought self-tan couldn’t get any better, then this formula will give you some food for thought. Not only does it deliver the same hydrated, healthy glow, it also provides SPF 30 protection. And, it’s been formulated with just the right amount of tanning agent, so you can use it every day for a streak-free, smooth tan.



Super Glow Body Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum, £35.00

The Customisable Body Self-Tan
This daily serum for your body blends skincare-grade ingredients with gradual tan to give your body a hydrated, sun-kissed, dewy glow. Customise your glow level by skipping a day or applying every evening for a week. Skin stays hydrated as hyaluronic acid locks in moisture, while chia and avocado seed oils, blueberry and kale fight the damage caused by pollutants and environmental aggressors. If your skin is on the dry side, you can mix a couple of pumps of this into your usual body lotion too.



The Face Illuminating Tan Drops, £35.00

The Original Formula
It goes without saying that a Tan-Luxe round-up wouldn’t be complete without the OG drops. Since they landed on our desk five years ago, we have continued to go back to them time and time again for a streak-free, effortless self-tan that we can adjust to our needs and mood.



The Gradual Tan Lotion, £22.00

The Fuss-Free Body Self-Tan
Perfect for first time tanners, or those short on time, this moisturising gradual tan can be applied like body lotion, simply wash hands afterwards and see your light tan appear in 2-4 hours. The oil/lotion hybrid melts into skin and hydrates like your daily body moisturiser. We use it all year round for glowing skin in a hurry.

Posted: Wednesday, 12 May 2021

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