7 Self-Tans That Will Give You A Streak-Free Glow

7 Self-Tans That Will Give You A Streak-Free Glow
Summer has officially begun! For some of us this means it’s time to crack out the self tan and give our arms and legs some much needed warmth. What is the best fake tan for a natural-looking glow? Scroll down to find out. Before you do, celebrity tanning expert and founder of Isle of Paradise Jules Von Hep recommends doing any hair removal and exfoliation 24 hours prior to tan application, so your skin is smooth, and removing any makeup and deodorant immediately before.

“When applying your tan, start from the ankles and work your way up, massaging the skin as you go, if you’re using a mitt/brush sweep in lengthways motions, never circular as the pressure is more even,” says Jules. “Imagine you’re frosting a cake, spreading the tan onto the skin.”

Best Self Tans For 2024


Self Glow By James Read

Dusk To Dawn Overnight Glow Facial, £44.00

Best Overnight Tanning Drops
Smooth on this tanning facial from Self Glow by James Read, and like magic, you can almost hear the melodic sounds of waves splashing against the shore and feel the warm kiss of sunlight upon your skin. Providing a subtle hint of tint as you sleep, this light-as-air liquid is enriched with a plant-powered blend of hyaluronic acid to retain moisture, alongside aloe vera and fermented mushrooms to soothe the skin and illuminate your complexion in a natural, buildable bronzed tan. Now, that’s what sweet dreams are made of…



Super Glow Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum, £15.00

Best Fake Tan Face Drops
If you’ve heard of self-tanning drops, chances are Tan-Luxe Super Glow Hyaluronic Self-Tan Serum is already on your radar. This highly rated fake tan serum is boosted with hydrating hyaluronic acid and antioxidant superfood ingredients. It couldn't be easier to use, just add 2-12 drops to the face and décolleté daily, then follow with a moisturiser. How many drops to use depends on how much glow you’re after. We suggest starting with two and building up to more if you're after a deeper tan.



Organic Sunless Tan Mousse, £47.00

Best Quick-Dry Mousse
There’s something seriously satisfying about a tanning mousse. The way little pockets of air puff up our tanning fluid, allowing us to spread the formula with ease, then how it dissolves effortlessly into skin. Imagine if that delicious tanning mousse not only left skin looking flawless, but was also able to soften, tone, firm and smooth. That’s why Coola Sunless Tan Mousse gets our vote, and all thanks to a blend of plant stem cell cultures, green coffee and a secret skin-toning ingredient called sveltessence. Now where’s that tanning mitt?


Isle of Paradise

Self-Tanning Water, £21.95

Best Colour Correcting Self-Tan
This weightless tanning water from Isle of Paradise comes with an added colour-correcting benefit - choose the ‘medium’ green option to counteract flushed tones, the ‘deep’ violet to balance orange, yellow and ashy skin, and ‘light’ peach for the rest. Add a trio of hydrating coconut, avocado and chia seed oils to the list of endless benefits, and this tanning water leaves skin looking healthy, nourished and glowing.



Self Tanning Hydrating Facial, £118.00

Best Luxury Self-Tanning Lotion
This is a luxury take on a traditional tanning lotion, with a fast-absorbing formula and a distinctly velvety feel. Your skin will love the added softness it gets from the macadamia oil-enhanced moisturiser, while Sisley Paris’ gold-boosting tanning spheres leave skin with a natural-looking glow.



The Gradual Tan Lotion, £14.00

Best Gradual Fake Tan
Tan-Luxe doesn't just excel at self-tanning drops, the brand's Gradual Tan is one of our bestsellers at this time of year. This lotion and oil hybrid tops up your skin's moisture levels and the tanning element requires just 60 minutes to start developing. Expect a natural-looking, bronzed glow within four hours with minimal effort (remember to exfoliate beforehand!).


This Works

Perfect Legs Gradual Tan, £40.00

Best Fake Tan For Legs
On the days when you want to lift your hemline without having the apply self-tan all over, This Works Perfect Legs Gradual Tan really comes into its own. The multitasking formula is infused with shea butter to nourish skin, while the DHA develops over time to give your legs a gorgeous bronzed finish. Everyone should have a bottle of this in their bathroom cabinet.


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Posted: Tuesday, 23 July 2024