Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza

Co-founder of Hungarian skincare brand Omorovicza and mother of four, Margaret de Heinrich de Omorovicza on her wind down rituals and the apps that help her get things done.


The Wind Down

I have four children, aged between two and 11, so weekends are fun but a bit insane what with a variety of sports activities here and art classes there. But, on Sunday afternoon, we’ll all sit down together and have a big family meal, which I love. After dinner, when I am able to steal an hour or so to myself, I’ll head upstairs to my cosy little office and take time to organise the week ahead. I have this brilliant little speaker which hooks up to my iPhone and depending on my mood will listen to anything from Joao Gilberto to Sonny Rollins or something classical like Bach’s Goldberg Variations. While I’m listening to music, I’ll print off everyone’s schedules for the week ahead. Being organised doesn’t come naturally to me and I’m so busy during the week (I travel a lot for work) that I find knowing what everyone is doing helps me to relax. I use a brilliant family app called Cozi, which my husband Stephen can also access, and it helps us to stay on the same page in terms of pick-ups, groceries, homework etc.


The Routine

My evening routine starts at around 9pm once the children are in bed. I take the speaker from my office into the bathroom and will listen to an audio book like Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything or Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success while I draw the bath. I love candles, and Diptyque Baies is one of my favourites.

My skincare routine is about repairing and healing any damage. I always double cleanse, starting with Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm – this not only leaves skin cleansed and soft but it contains moor mud which also works to detoxify. Next, I’ll use the Omorovicza Cleansing Foam, which is full of copper and white lupin to revitalise the skin without stripping it. After cleansing, I’ll tap Omorovicza Omroessence into my complexion – this is a 21st -century toner that everyone can use, it’s mildly acidic so helps to stimulate the skin and makes it receptive to the rest of your skincare. Next I’ll apply Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask, which is nothing short of a miracle worker, helping to exfoliate, lift and tone. I’ll leave the mask on for about 15 minutes and spray Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist over the top to re-mineralise the skin. This mist is one of my favourite products and was inspired by a mist originally created for the Queen of Hungary many moons ago. The delicate rose scent is the same today.

My skin has evolved over time, when I was younger I suffered with acne and sensitivity, and this was one of my motivations for creating Omorovicza. I was on Roaccutane and I experienced such a visible difference to my skin once I went to Hungary and was immersed in the sophisticated beauty culture there. I love Aromatherapy Associates bath oils and will choose between them depending on my mood and what I need, I think the 10 Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection makes a really good gift too. When I get out of the bath I’ll exfoliate my body with Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub and mix our firming body cream with our firming body oil for silky smooth skin. I wash my hair with Lenor Greyl Shampooing Crème Moelle de Bambou and on a Sunday, when I have more time, I’ll finish with Oribe Masque for Beautiful Colour.



I’m completely obsessed with our new Midnight Radiance Mask, I apply it before bed and leave it on overnight. It contains salicylic acid and sand lily, which leaves skin smooth, radiant and hydrated. I have seen so many people experience such a huge difference to their complexions after using this – especially those looking to reduce hyperpigmentation. If I can keep my eyes open, I’ll definitely read before going to sleep – currently I have Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog on my bedside table, which I am loving. I always end the day with a little mediation. I have taken various courses on different meditation styles, but have learned that you just need to find whatever works best for you. There are a few fantastic apps I really enjoy like Meditation Studio, Headspace and Chakra Mediation. I always apply hand cream and lip balm before turning the lights out.


Monday Morning

I wake up at around 5.45am in order to get a jump on the day before my two-year-old wakes up. I start with a bit of mediation, followed by a 7 Minute Workout (this is another fantastic app by the way). I find these small things, done regularly, make a big difference…plus I can do them anywhere so even if I’m traveling I don’t have to change my routine.

My morning skincare routine is all about prepping for the day. I start with my cleansing routine and then follow my skincare with our BB Cream and sometimes mix in Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops for luminosity. Don’t get me started on makeup…or perfume…. I am obsessed! I’m a big juicer and fan of organic food, so I’ll usually make myself a fresh juice to kick start my day.