Paula Begoun On Her Five-Minute Routine

Paula Begoun On Her Five-Minute Routine
Before setting up Paula’s Choice in 1995, Paula Begoun had already made a name for herself with her educated, no-nonsense approach to reviewing beauty products via her blog and her many books. It’s unsurprising that every single product in the Paula’s Choice range is results-driven and dedicated to solving key skincare concerns. What might surprise some people though is that Paula started out as a makeup artist and she’s mastered her application over the years, so it takes her just five sweet minutes in the morning. With most of us spending a lot more time in front of a Skype or FaceTime camera, there are several tricks we can all take from Paula’s approach. From knowing what works for you to upping your skincare game, here are Paula's top makeup tips...

Tip 1: Keep It Consistent

My daytime makeup routine has remained fairly consistent over the years. I wear foundation with sunscreen, under eye concealer, , matte lipstick, mascara, and Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, £29.00 and that’s it. It takes me about five minutes from start to finish.

Tip 2: Stick To What Works For You

I’ve always worn what some refer to as a classic, basic makeup with the emphasis on the eyes, rich lip shades, and softly applied pastel blush colour. I’ve never worn extreme colours, heavy or brightly-coloured eyeliner, or used sparkle for that matter. I’ve always wanted people to see me and not be distracted by my makeup.

Tip 3: Find Your Preferred Tool

I’ve always used a flat round sponge to apply makeup. I never could figure out how to get makeup on smoothly with a brush, it always ends up looking streaky and it’s even worse when I use my fingers. In the long run though, it really doesn’t matter how you apply your foundation or makeup as long as you achieve an even, smooth finish. The tool you use is about personal preference, once you discover which one works best stick with it.

Tip 4: Invest In A Magnifying Mirror

Even if you have good eyesight, it’s easy to miss details such as a streaky or patchy foundation application, or eyeshadow powder flake on your cheek, smeared mascara along your eyelid, an uneven lipstick application, and a magnifying mirror will pick these up. You don’t use it to be critical of yourself, just to be sure you’ve applied your makeup perfectly. For best results, inspect your work in natural light, which will help you spot issues indoor lighting can blur.

Tip 5: Don’t Forget About Your Skincare

A great skincare routine is critical for every aspect of your skin’s health, including getting your makeup to sit beautifully. I can’t imagine what shape my skin would be in without Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, £12.00, Paula's Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster, £47.00, , and .

Posted: Monday, 06 April 2020