5 Ways to Wake Up Better

5 ways to wake up

Waking up in the morning can be a daily struggle, with many of us replying on copious amounts of caffeine to get us through to mid-morning when we start to feel human again. If you battle with your snooze button and long for a day when you don’t leave the house still feeling half asleep, read on to find five tips that might just put a spring in your step first thing…

1. Experiment with Essential Oils

Essential oils can have powerful therapeutic effects. If you’ve woken feeling sluggish try boosting your morning routine with an energising blend of oils specially designed to help you jump out of bed rather than roll. This Works Morning Expert Wake-Up Drops have been formulated with stimulating rosemary, lavandin and peppermint to help sharpen focus; simply add a drop to your oil diffuser while you’re getting dressed. Equally Aromatherapy Associates Revive Roller Ball uses the citrus note of grapefruit, which help boost happiness hormone serotonin. Roll over pulse points right after you’ve turned off your alarm to help ease you into a happy state of wakefulness.

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2. Make Dark Circles Disappear

Dark circles are the enemy of a fresh morning face. If you’ve had a bad night’s sleep and wake up looking less than refreshed, trick your mind (and everyone around you) into thinking you slept like a baby with the help of an under eye colour corrector. Becca’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector contains peachy undertones that when blended in eliminates the purply tones of dark circles, leaving the perfect neutral canvas for concealer to brighten and illuminate.

3. Reset Your Body Clock

Helping your body to work with its natural internal rhythms is a sure-fire way to wake up feeling more refreshed and, according to studies, get an instant mood boost. Thanks to lighter mornings in the warmer months it’s an easy adjustment to make; simply leave your blinds or curtains open a fraction before you go to sleep the night before and allow the daylight to creep in of its own accord. If you allow your brain to recognise and associate dark with night-time and light with mornings, you’ll also encourage healthier sleeping patterns long-term.

4. Make Time for Massage

Stimulating your scalp is a great way to bring alertness to your body and help open your eyes. Whether it’s gently tugging on your hair or taking the time to give yourself a quick five minute scalp massage with your fingertips, the increased blood flow should help you feel less groggy pretty quickly. For a beautifying hair boost at the same time, plan ahead and apply a few drops of Mauli’s Grow Strong Hair Oil to your hair and scalp and sleep in the treatment overnight. When you wake, give yourself an extra massage, then jump in the shower and shampoo and condition thoroughly. For a final wakeup call turn the shower on to the coldest setting for the 30 seconds or minute, depending on how brave you’re feeling.

how to wake up

5. Drink Up

Drinking a large glass of cold water as soon as the alarm goes off has multiple benefits. Not only does it help to rehydrate your body and boost your metabolism, it also creates an adrenaline surge which helps boost blood flow to your brain. For increased benefits why not combine it with popping a supplement or two. We like Dr David Jack’s Skin + Hair + Nails, which combines essential vitamins and minerals to promote healthy cellular growth, and Welleco’s Super Elixir Greens which is formulated with extracts including aloe vera, dandelion and kelp to improve immunity and support your digestive system.