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Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops review | Space NK
To say there is some hype around Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Drops would be an understatement. For the past year, Drunk Elephant’s bronzing drops have come back into stock for a hot minute and almost instantly sold out. It’s easily one of, if not the, most in-demand product at Space NK. The question on everyone’s lips in the office is whether the new and much-anticipated Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Bright Drops be equally as coveted?

That's right, in case you haven’t heard, Drunk Elephant is adding another skincare-makeup hybrid to its collection alongside the bronzing drops and liquid blush. Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops are all about brightening your skin instantly. Sign-up to our B-Goldi waitlist to be one of the first to try the illuminating drops when they launch in the UK on 26th September because if TikTok is anything to go by, they're going to incredibly popular.

BeautyTokkers are going wild for the new launch and #bgoldi has already amassed 15.8 million views on the platform. Unsurprisingly, there are lots of videos comparing B-Goldi to Drunk Elephant’s bronzing drops, as well as showcasing how to use the brightening drops.

We managed to get our hands on a sample ahead of Drunk Elephant B-Goldi arriving in the UK and we asked three Space NK team members to try the illuminating drops. Here is everything you need to know about Drunk Elephant’s latest product…

Key Benefits Of Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops

• Non sparkly or glittery drops that help to brighten your skin instantly
• 5% niacinamide helps to refine pores and strengthen your skin barrier
• The formula is free of essential oils, silicones and fragrance
• Can be worn alone or mixed into your moisturiser or foundation
• B-Goldi can also be used on your chest, legs and anywhere else you want to glow

What’s The Difference Between Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi and B-Goldi?

Both B-Goldi and D-Bronzi can be mixed with any Drunk Elephant serum, oil or moisturiser and they can be used on your face and body. The main difference between Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Drops and the latest launch is the former warms up your skin with a gorgeous, bronzed glow, while Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Bright Drops, £26.4 is all about brightening your complexion with a subtle pearlescent glow. If you want the best of both worlds, you can mix the two together.

How Do You Use Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Bright Drops?

Just like D-Bronzi and O-Blooe drops, you can mix Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops into your serum or face cream. If you use Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream, £48.8, you can mix a drop or two onto the pump, as the photo shows below.

How To Use Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops | Space NK

You can also add a couple of drops into your foundation or tinted moisturiser to give your base a boost of radiance. We’ve seen a lot of TikTokkers apply a drop directly onto their cheekbones like you would with a typical highlighter too.

Keep reading to see how Space NK’s senior marketing manager Eleanor Middleton and HR administrator Tanya Chikanda used Drunk Elephant B-Goldi.

Eleanor’s Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops Review

Eleanor's Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops Review | Space NK

Having tried D-Bronzi before (Alix Earle made me do it!) and been slightly underwhelmed, I was intrigued to see if B-Goldi was for me. Perhaps because I’m quite fair, Drunk Elephant’s bronzing drops felt a bit too intense, especially when I then put a light foundation over the top.

Texture-wise B-Goldi is very similar to D-Bronzi, but in terms of colour, it’s a lot lighter and more golden (as the name suggests). You can immediately see the luminescence in B-Goldi, it almost has a pearly finish which I really liked. I also felt like I could be more liberal with my dose without worrying that my face and neck would be different colours.

I used the drops as a highlighter and patted onto the high points of my cheeks, cupid’s bow and the bridge of my nose to add luminosity. These drops were super easy to use, and I enjoyed the subtlety of the results. You can see the before and after photos below.

Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops Before and After | Space NK

Having used B-Goldi directly on my skin, I’m keen to experiment with mixing the drops with my moisturiser as the texture dried down a bit after a while. I feel like the hydration of a face cream would dial up the plump, glowy effect. With this in mind, I will definitely be buying Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops when they arrive in the UK as I can see them being a part of my everyday routine in the way that I never quite did with D-Bronzi.

Tanya’s Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops Review

Tanya's Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops Review | Space NK

Unlike almost everyone in the Space NK office, I have never tried Drunk Elephant’s famous D-Bronzi Drops, or the liquid blusher. B-Goldi is the first time I’ve used any of Drunk Elephant’s skincare-makeup hybrids.

My initial thoughts on B-Goldi was that it would make my foundation pop and the consistency would ensure it blended in seamlessly. I was impressed with the colour too as it suited my complexion.

I mixed a couple of drops in with a moisturiser and then applied a drop onto my cheeks for a more prominent look. You can see my B-Goldi before and after photos below.

Drunk Elephant B-Goldi Drops Before and After | Space NK

On a scale of one to 10, I’d give Drunk Elephant’s B-Goldi Drops a solid eight. I liked the soft glow it gave my skin and can imagine that it would look even better mixed in with my base for a glam night look.

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