Paula's Choice Has Dropped A New Moisturiser

Paula's Choice Has Dropped A New Moisturiser
The story of Paula's Choice is a unique one, far from being a straightforward tale of a well-known beauty expert starting their own skincare brand. Paula Begoun launched Paula’s Choice in 1995, decades after self-publishing iconic beauty books (such as Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal and Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me), working as an investigative beauty journalist in publishing, radio and TV, making regular appearances on legendary talk shows and even getting a job dismissal early on in her makeup artist and aesthetician career for being too honest with customers about which products did and didn’t work. And this, ultimately, is what defines Paula’s Choice skincare – honesty, transparency, and a commitment to helping people with their skin dilemmas.

The brand’s latest launch, the C5 Super Boost Moisturizer is made with all skin types in mind – yes, even sensitive skins – it’s powered by the hero ingredient that is vitamin C and promises to tackle many a skin concern. “It’s a multifaceted Paula’s Choice vitamin C product that doubles as a moisturiser and treatment in one step,” explains Paula’s Choice’s Skincare Education Specialist Heather Wish, who spoke to Space NK about this new formula. “It includes highly stabilised, active vitamin C, which means it’s a great option for those who may have been irritated by other vitamin C products. It also has barrier-repairing ingredients like peptides and lipids. It goes beyond hydration to immediately strengthen the skin's barrier, improve dullness, revive firmness and improve texture for a youthful complexion.”


What drew me to this Paula’s Choice moisturiser, aside from its key dose of vitamin C (5%), was the fact that it’s designed to suit every skin type – a dream for my oily-combination skin. “This vitamin c moisturiser is ideal for anyone looking to revitalise their skin and address uneven skin tone and dullness for a more radiant complexion,” says Heather. “It’s also good for those who want to benefit from vitamin C’s exceptional skin-restoring properties but cannot tolerate higher levels or other forms.”


Call me boring, but I genuinely get excited about trying new moisturisers – and that’s because there are so many elements to finding the right balance. It needs to appease my oily side but also deeply hydrate my dry side, and leave a bouncy, plump, supple and non-oily finish. Surely I’m not asking for too much? Oh, if it could be packed-full of long-term benefits that would be great too.

Given the vitamin C formulation of this Paula’s Choice moisturiser, I was pleasantly surprised by the texture’s smoothness and richness. And because it feels so rich, I didn’t feel like I needed to use much. I also noticed I had to be ever so slightly careful with the pump applicator to ensure not too much came out. It left a lovely sheen that felt super hydrating and not oily. There was zero pilling or balling when it came to applying SPF and foundation, and my skin didn’t get particularly dry or oily throughout the day.


As someone with not necessarily the most sensitive of skin but has nevertheless experienced irritation from certain formulas and vitamin C products, I’m delighted to report that after a few weeks of usage my skin seems to be loving Paula's Choice C5 Super Boost Moisturiser, £48. Retinol is also a part of my skincare routine, and luckily there’s been no clash between these two powerhouse ingredients. “When introducing active ingredients together, we always recommend doing it slowly at the start,” explains Heather. “Eventually they can be used in the same routine if your skin is happy. Which is my key message to everyone – always listen to your skin!”

It’s still soon to spot any long-term benefits, but this vitamin C face cream helps my complexion look plumper and more supple without clogging my pores on a daily basis. It can be used AM and PM, but since my nighttime routine is set, I’ve been sticking to it in the morning – always, always followed by SPF (Heather recommends using at least an SPF30).

I think my skin will lap up the rich texture come the colder months, and I’m hoping it will brighten up my complexion as we hit peak winter dullness. Given this, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to those with drier skin types, and it should do the trick for sensitive skins too. “There is no need to worry about sensitivity or irritation with this product,” affirms Heather. “The two forms of vitamin C in the C5 Super Boost Moisturizer do not have the same low pH requirements as pure ascorbic acid, which can potentially lead to irritation.”


Alongside this Paula’s Choice vitamin C moisturiser, the brand has also launched the C5 Super Boost Eye Cream – and while I was initially terrified at the thought of putting vitamin C around my eye area, I can confirm that it’s as gorgeous a formula as its sister moisturiser. “If your concerns are dark circles – both vascular and due to excess melanin – and wrinkles, this eye cream will be a game changer,” says Heather.

For a small but mighty dose of retinol, there’s the 1% Retinol Treatment, a blend of antioxidants, retinol and soothing plant extracts that refines the look of large pores and reduces the appearance of fine lines and discolouration. There’s also the Paula's Choice 25% AHA + 2% BHA Exfoliant Peel, £42, a potent treatment intended for weekly usage that won’t clash with vitamin C. “AHAs and BHAs help shed the build-up of dead skin cells from skin’s surface, which in turn help vitamin C penetrate past the skin’s surface,” explains Heather. “Using them before applying vitamin C enables it to be more effective.”

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