We Road Test Ulé's Oh la Plump Quenching Serum

We Road Test Ulé's Oh la Plump Quenching Serum
While recyclable and refillable packaging has become the norm in the beauty industry, transparency around supply chains still has a long way to go. Have you ever considered the air miles your favourite creams and serums have racked up? New kid on the block, Ulé has taken a revolutionary approach to creating skincare products, from growing its ingredients from seed to plant via vertical farming to using plastic free packaging, to entire they’re as green as possible.

The brand is definitely shaking up how a beauty company can approach sustainability, but do the impressive green credentials amount to much when we’re talking about the effect on our skin? I put the brand’s Oh La Plump Quenching Serum to the test.

Top Line On Ulé Oh La Plump Quenching Serum

This is Ulé's take on a hyaluronic acid serum and it’s one of the brand’s bestsellers. Made up of 98% natural origin ingredients, including Ulé's Pure 3otany™ Extract 334, this is not your average hydrating serum. Expect plumper, fresher looking skin with antioxidant protection and the soothing comfort of vitamin E.


Everything You Need To Know About Ulé Oh La Plump Quenching Serum

Everyone loves a hyaluronic acid serum, so it’s not surprising that Oh La Plump Quenching Serum is a top seller. With three molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid, this formula promises long-lasting hydration. There are also saccharides to top up moisture levels and vitamin E to soothe skin. The standout ingredient though is Ule’s signature Pure 3otany™ Extract 333, which contains 30% coleus to ease oxidative stress, 30% centella which boosts collagen production, and 40% tulsi to ease inflammation.

Grown using vertical farming methods (I’ve included a picture above) in Ulé's Eco-Farm just outside Paris, the ingredients used in this hyaluronic acid serum are all traceable and pesticide. That’s no mean feat. And, having used the serum solidly for three weeks, I can say with confidence that the brand has taken as much care and consideration with the formulation and texture.

Ulé's Oh La Plump Quenching Serum feels luxurious to use and melts into your skin. While it absolutely is lightweight, there is a very slight oiliness to the texture that leaves your skin feeling moisturised rather than greasy. There’s also no tackiness that some hyaluronic acid serums leave. Two to three drops are more than enough to cover your face and neck area. I have classic combination skin and have been using this with my other treatments, including a vitamin C serum, and before a light moisturiser.

The Verdict On Ulé Oh La Plump Quenching Serum

Put simply Ulé Oh La Plump Quenching Hydration Serum, £55 is a really good hydrating serum. Whether you have dry, combination, oily or sensitive skin, this will be a welcome addition. While oily skin types could use this on its own, drier and sensitive will want to layer this under a face cream. You will notice the difference though. Within a couple of days my skin felt bouncier and smoother, and I noticed the difference when I left the serum at home when I went away for the weekend. In my opinion, this is the ultimate sign of a good skincare product.

Admittedly there are hyaluronic acid serums with lower price tags, but this Ulé's version offers a refreshing approach to sustainability and a healthy looking glow within days. I’m very intrigued to explore more of the range.

More From Ulé

While Ulé ticks all the eco-conscious boxes, you might wonder if it offers all the other elements associated with luxury skincare, including texture. Being a French brand, it will come as no surprise that the brand spent a considerable amount of time perfecting its creamy, indulgent textures. The best example of this is with the Ulé Je Suis Chill CBD Moisturiser, £22 which melts into skin. If you want a multitasking skincare product that works from the inside-out and topically, treat yourself to Ulé Avoir It All In & Out Phyto Oil, £64. Add a couple of drops into food or massage directly onto skin for a gorgeous healthy glow.

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