Emma Lucy Knowles

How does a clairvoyant and crystal healer wind down on a Sunday night? With soothing, healing formulations, plenty of deep breathing and an abundance of calming candlelight. We caught up with multi-hyphenate (she’s also an author), Emma Lucy Knowles to discover how she spends her Sunday night, and we weren’t disappointed…

emma lucy knowles sunday sessions

The Wind Down

The whole of Sunday is spent winding down for me – it’s really important when you are working with other people’s energy that you take care of your own. Often when we feel time-poor that’s the first thing we let slip.. the self… so Sunday is dedicated to self-care. I’ll start the day slowly and use little rituals and routines throughout the day to recharge, relax. Most importantly no email scanning on a Sunday! I start my routine the moment I open my eyes – I am a super early riser and in the week tend to bounce out of bed… which can be annoying… so I will ensure on a sacred Sunday that I give myself some time just to chill in bed. I spend time meditating, reflecting, chatting gratitude in my mind and then head off to yoga just to stretch out. I spend time in the week working on people or at the computer and it’s important to really keep your heart and shoulders stretched and open. My mind does start to twitch on a Sunday night ahead of the week ahead, as all of ours do. I tend to feel mentally sharp but physically like I’m moving a lot like a sloth, heavy from making space throughout the day but full of clarity and as calm as I can for the week ahead even if it’s already set to be a challenging one.

My beauty routine is super important, cleansing your energy has got to be mind, body and spirit; balance is everything, spending time with and on yourself is what it truly means to be loving of and for yourself. You can also learn a lot about yourself in that time, where you are holding back, where you’re giving too much, what your body and your skin is telling you about where you are at. We are fascinating beings and having this time dedicated to yourself allows you to really turn that positively in. Giving yourself that level and attention to detail in care really sets the precedent of how you’ll allow yourself to be and to be treated in the outside world. The goal is to be a little kinder to myself, to relax and to listen in to what my body and skins needs and to remember, like life, we too are ever changing. I tend to move from bathroom, to bedroom to couch, but I will do applications in the bathroom because of the light but also because it’s the place in the house people are less likely to bother me. Then I lay out on the bed to immerse myself deeper in the experience. Once I’m finished I will apply loads of hand and feet cream whilst on the sofa so I can sit still with a box set. Oh my goodness and I light candles like I am in a church! Candles are a complete must because I am trying to heighten and relax all the senses and smell is wonderful for stimulating deep breathing and calming the central nervous system. I love music and it can be really random, sometimes I need to go all out Bridget Jones big ballad belly singing and sometimes I listen to soul. Other times I do chanting, mantra chanting, affirmations, or power driven and confidence mantras. I like to check in and feed my intuition so I will find the music by asking myself before I start “what are you vibing with today’?”

emma lucy knowles sunday sessions

The Routine

My skin is very peachy, my mum has always – right from when I was a little girl – emphasized the importance of my skin – moisturising it and sun protecting it so that helped massively. It’s also very sensitive though, and when I’m hormonal or if the weather changes it can react to it super quickly, so I have had to become aware and change my regime to balance it when it needs. I love Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water. I used to get so frustrated when, post cleansing, it still felt as though there was makeup on my face; my sister told me to use a micellar pre cleanse and I haven’t looked back since. I also love Malin + Goetz Facial Cleansing Oil and the Herbivore Phoenix Regenerating Facial Oil – I’m all for hydration, hydration, hydration. I love a face mask especially to plump my skin, everything to nurture collagen production, so the Verso Intense Facial Mask and their eye masks – they’re a skin plumping dream as they do exactly as they promise and are quick to use. Herbivore have a superb Jade Facial Roller, I keep mine in the fridge for a few reasons; I used to suffer from bad sinus infections and gently rolling this over my sinuses really eases the fog, and also the cold crystal on your eyes to refresh them is delicious. The latest addition to my routine is a really easy little sponge, the Erborian Green Tea Konjac Sponge. It’s skin antioxidant heaven and works wonders on troubled patches and flare ups. The one product I couldn’t do without is the By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Care – if you know, you know and you haven’t try it – do!

emma lucy knowles sunday sessions

It’s a bath all the way on a Sunday. I box a lot and my muscles can get pretty tight – it’s only fair I properly take all the weight off them one day a week. I love everything Aromatherapy Associates do as they have something to sing to every mood. My sister bought me their 10 Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection – it’s AMAZING. I like to use my intuition and senses to pick what I need on the day – do I need a balance, a pick me up or a soothe down. I like to deeply exfoliate with a scrub on a Sunday. I body brush in the week to get stimulated and wake myself up and Sunday is all about exfoliate and bath soaking! I love Diptyque’s Soothing Body Scrub topped off with Caudalie Vine Body Butter. On Sunday I really like, as with my face to feel like I’m covered in cream and that feeling of it sinking in – that’s more difficult in the week as I don’t want those delicious stain lines you can get when the cream makes contact with your t-shirt!! I have very fine and naturally curly hair – couple that with the fact I colour it (just a little!) means I have to protect and refresh the hair cuticles and I have a trusted stable of products for this. Oribe Shampoo For Beautiful Colour or Bright Blonde – they just nail it for coloured hair and then the Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Extract is luscious in texture and leaves hair feeling silky. I love to sleep in a hair mask, washing off on a Monday morning with a cold wash so I am ready to go! I so like to give my hair a rest and refresh day so no blow drying or styling; everything needs a break from time to time.

emma lucy knowles sunday sessions


My pre-bed routine consists of candle light, candle light and candle light – I love candle light! Especially whilst journalling, writing, sketching or pulling angel/spirit cards, which I will aim to do for about 20 minutes but often end up getting into it for an hour as my mind really goes with it. I do really enjoy candle light but it’s also a really yummy alternative to ease the eyes to sleep after all the bright lights from the phone and TV. I love the Votary Lavender And Chamomile Pillow Spray and the Margaret Dabbs Intensive Foot Lotion and Byredo Rose Hand Cream; we mustn’t forget the hands and feet, they’re extra precious!! In an ideal world around go to bed 10:30pm. I meditate but that can also be in a variety of ways; I like to track back over the day and send thanks for it all, the parts that didn’t go as planned I send forgiveness to and also look to how it could have gone better. I find it stops any future critique. Stretching before bed is a must – I am very tall and I have slight scoliosis – so I will do very gentle back and neck stretches and child pose – you’ve got to get comfy for bed and I don’t want to take the tension into my sleep. I take vitamin D at night, it’s really important to use that complete down time to let this get into your system ready for a powerful sunshine start. I use a silk eye mask and love the feel over my eyes, it feels safe and delicate. I try and turn out the lights at about 11pm/11:30pm. I try not to check the time but just let myself go and not get into the counting-the-hours-I-have-ahead-of-me syndrome. I am a super light sleeper, even from being a little girl I feel that’s one of the main reasons I really explored meditation as I did. I found that if I moved myself into the state that when I awoke in night I could get straight back to sleep or chill, no mind chatter, and with the energy healing that was like a great 8 hours sleep in itself.

emma lou sunday sessions

Monday Morning

My alarm is set for 7am on a Monday morning and I feel ready, gently energised and super calm. There’s zero snoozing here – I believe you start the day as you mean to go on and I don’t want to be 10 mins behind myself all day. The first 3 things I do when you wake up are give thanks, stretch and meditate. And remember – no phone till after breakfast.