Meet The Bestselling Scented Candles

Meet The Bestselling Scented Candles
Regardless of the time of year or occasion, everyone loves receiving a scented candle – they’re also exceptionally good for self-gifting. While online shopping has its conveniences, it is tricky to know what a candle actually smells like and whether it’ll be what you had in mind. To help you find the one for you (or your friend), here’s a speedy guide to our bestselling scented candles…


Baies Scented Candle, £ 35,00

The Uplifting, Floral One
We might all be going wild for Diptyque’s festive Sapin Candle right now, but Baies is the all-year-round bestseller. It encompasses everything you want from a floral scent – it champions the delicate Bulgarian rose but keeps it fresh and light with the help of blackcurrant leaves. The uplifting fragrance creates a refreshing, calm vibe that you’ll want associated with your home.



Real Luxury Scented Candle, £ 50,00

The One To Light After A Stressful Day
NEOM knows how to create relaxing fragrance and the Scent to De-Stress is no exception to the rule. Infused with 24 essential oils, including lavender and Brazilian rosewood, this scented candle creates a spa-like ambience that will help you shrug off the stresses of the day in no time at all.


Boy Smells

Ash Scented Candle, £ 44,00

The Snuggly, Warm One
Testament to this being a bestseller, Boy Smells Ash Scented Candle is regularly out of stock. Note to self: always buy two. With dry hay and palo santo at its heart, this candle is inspired by roaring, open fireplaces and has a cosy, warmth to it without being overly smoky or heavy.


Maison Margiela

Replica Whispers in the Library Candle, £ 45,00

The Sunday Evening One
If you like to spend your Sunday evenings setting yourself up mentally for the week ahead, Maison Margiela’s Whispers In The Library candle is the perfect fragrance. The blend of vetiver and cedarwood has an airy warmth and the dash of pepper will put a pep in your step.



Cotton Poplin Mini Candle, £ 33,00

The Clean & Fresh One
We’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t find comfort in the scent of freshly washed and pressed linens, which is probably why Byredo’s Cotton Poplin Candle is a consistent bestseller. Need we say anymore?


Jo Loves

Jo by Jo Loves A Candle, £ 55,00

The Crowd-Pleasing, Elegant One
Jo by Jo Loves A Candle has a boldness to it with a cedarwood and vetiver base and zesty grapefruit, orange and lime top notes, but ‘elegant’ is the one word that springs to mind for everyone when they catch a whiff of it. The scent is a bestseller in terms of personal and home fragrance too.

Posted: Wednesday, 17 November 2021

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