How To Prevent Candle Funnelling

How To Prevent Candle Funnelling
Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive hearth, all a glow with a cluster of the best scented candles. But it’s worth remembering that a candle isn’t just for Christmas. After the initial investment, and we’re talking both time and money, that goes into ensuring you find ‘the one’, it’s worth knowing how to get the most out of your purchase and see that your candle burns well into the New Year and beyond. We caught up with Tony Jack, candle devotee and founder of Fairholme to find out how to keep the flame alive.

What Is Candle Funnelling?

If you’re a candle fanatic, you will have no doubt experienced funnelling. It can happen to all candles, no matter the quality, and occurs when the flame burns down the centre of the candle as opposed to burning all the way out to the sides. It’s worth avoiding, because as the flame funnels down, the wick becomes tricky to light and the beautifully scented wax around the edge goes to waste.

Step 1: Lighting Your Candle

“Always light your candle using a match or gas lighter,” advises Tony. Cigarette lighters can be difficult to angle and risk melting parts of the wax before the wick is lit, meaning an uneven burn. Look out for the extra-long matches that are now available, some come in stylish glass bottles that you can keep on the mantlepiece.

Step 2: The First Burn

Not to be dramatic, but the lifetime of your candle really depends on the first time it is lit. The most important thing to remember is to burn your new candle for up to an hour or at least until the entire top of the candle is liquid and the wax has melted all the way to the edges. “Candles have a memory and only burn where they have previously burnt,” explains Tony. “So, if you don’t go for the full burn the first time, the wax will only ever burn to where it did before, developing the beginning of a funnel.”

Step 3: Trim The Wick

It’s important to trim the wick between burns. Tony recommends keeping the wick at 0.5cm before relighting. Shortening the wick allows the candle to burn more slowly and also avoids any black soot marks forming around the edge of glass. Be sure to re-centre and straighten the wick once putting the candle out. “I find a Wick Trimmer very useful,” says Tony, “but remember to only ever do this when the candle is cold.” It’s at this point that Tony suggests gently wiping down the inside of your candle with a dry cloth to remove any black marks and help promote a clean burn for the next few lights.

Step 4: Putting The Candle Out

Refrain from blowing your candle out, which can unsettle the wax, and invest in an old-school snuffer, or use the lid that often comes with your scented candle. “I love using a snuffer when putting out my candle,” explains Tony. “They are clean and help reduce that after burn smoke that can mark mantlepiece mirrors or paintwork.”

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Posted: Friday, 28 October 2022

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