The Beauty Experts You Should Be Following Right Now


Instagram offers a wealth of hair tips, skincare advice, makeup inspiration and product reviews. It’s easy to come across one account and go down a rabbit hole of hashtags. While some people might argue that there is a lot of questionable information offered out on social media, it does give us access to some of the most renowned beauty experts.

Caroline Hirons is the perfect example. With over 35 years of experience within the beauty industry, Caroline knows almost everything there is to know about skincare (she’s even been called the most powerful woman in beauty). She’s renowned for her no-nonsense approach to beauty, as well as her honest product reviews, which she shares regularly with her loyal 421k Instagram following.


It’s no surprise that Skincare: The Ultimate No-Nonsense Guide is one of the most anticipated book releases of the summer. Regardless of your age, skin type or tone, this book is jam-packed with practical, trusted advice. Caroline goes back to basics with skincare routines, a note on double cleansing and handy cheat sheets. Put simply, this is a book that answers your burning skincare questions and one that you will turn to over and over again to help solve your skin dilemmas. 

Aside from Caroline, who else should you be following for helpful and inspiring hair, makeup, nail and skincare tips? Well, here are just a few of the beauty experts we highly recommend you follow right now…

Katie Jane Hughes

Find her: @katiejanehughes

Follow for: Endless makeup looks 

Rarely a day goes by without makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes sharing a selfie wearing a fabulous sparkly eye or punchy, bold lip. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to winged eyeliner or want to inject some creativity and colour into your makeup, we guarantee that Katie will inspire you. 


Ted Gibson

Find him: @tedgibson

Follow for: A-list worthy styling tips

Counting Anne Hathaway, Renée Zellweger, and Zoe Saldana as regulars, stylist and salon owner Ted Gibson is A-list hair royalty. Not only can you expect plenty of backstage access to photoshoots, catwalk shows and red carpets, Ted also shares helpful tips for cutting your fringe, blow-drying your hair or creating a French braid,

Stephen Alain Ko

Find him: @kindofstephen

Follow for: A deep dive into skincare

If you want to delve a little deeper into the world of skincare, then you need to follow @kindofstephen. The cosmetic formulator covers everything from whether you should pat or rub your lotions into skin to exploring the notion that exfoliating acids can thin your skin over time. There is a wealth of fascinating and digestible information available and we guarantee you’ll learn something new from every post.


Dr. Ateh Jewel

Find her: @atehjewel

Follow for: Wednesday Chat Club

As an award-winning journalist, producer, director and speaker, it’s safe to say that there are a lot of strings to Ateh Jewel’s bow. Having written about beauty for over 20 years, her knowledge is second to none and Ateh has been passionate about promoting some much needed diversity within the beauty industry. Throughout lockdown she has been prevalent on Instagram, interviewing some of the industry’s makeup, skincare, hair and wellness experts.

Betina R. Goldstein

Find her: @betina_goldstein

Follow for: At-home nail inspiration

For noteworthy nail inspiration to recreate at home or take to the salon with you when they finally reopens, look no further than Betina Goldstein. Throughout lockdown, the A-list nail artist has been sharing how-tos to make life easier for those of us trying to recreate them at home. The clever dots are surprisingly foolproof, even for nail novices. 


Grace Victory

Find her: @gracefvictory

Follow for: Realistic wellness 

Forget lengthy meditation sessions and rigid, fun-free nutrition plans, Grace’s approach to wellness is all about embracing the real you and giving yourself some much needed TLC. Don’t underestimate the mindset-altering power of her gratuity focused posts. Whether it’s lemongrass and ginger water on ice or BBQ Popchips with salsa dip, the simplicity of Grace’s approach is infectious and never fails to improve your mood.

Jessica Smalls

Find her: @jessicasmalls

Follow for: Speedy makeup videos

Celebrity makeup artist and male groomer, Jessica Smalls is behind some of the red carpets most eye catching looks, including Janelle Monae’s flawless glow at the 2017 Oscar Awards. Her recent Instagram Live with fellow makeup artist Joanna Simkin on accentuating your eyes is worth looking up for anyone wanting to amplify their makeup when they’re wearing a face mask.


Dr. Anjali Mahto

Find her: @anjalimahto

Follow for: Trusted skincare advice 

With helpful posts on pigmentation, SPF and acne, we’d go as far as to say that following Dr. Anjali Mahto on Instagram is the next best thing to an appointment with the consultant dermatologist. Having documented her own experience with acne, Dr. Anjali is a must-follow for anyone battling with breakouts and problem skin.