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Launched by the scent expert Jo Malone, Jo Loves shows off her favourite fragrances and creative flair for stylish packaging. An inspiration to us all, Jo started out with a small skincare clinic in her home and made her own perfumed treatments. As demand grew, she launched the Jo Malone London brand, which we all know and love.

After selling this business, she launched Jo Loves to create candles, bodycare and aromas that draw on treasured memories and magical life experiences.

Why We Love Jo Loves

While a lot of brands focus on particular notes or olfactory families, Jo creates fragrances from the heart. The Jo Loves scents are inspired by her travels around the world or previous experiences and as a result, they conjure up a real feeling and bring a memory to life.

Best Jo Loves Perfumes for 2024


Jo Loves

Mango Thai Lime A Fragrance, £82.00

The Scent of Summer
If you’re longing to travel, Jo Loves Mango Thai Lime is worth seeking out. Inspired by Jo’s trip to Thailand, this fragrance brings the islands to life with notes of golden mango, lime and spicy black pepper. It’s warm and exotic and lingers on your skin all day long.


Jo Loves

Ebony & Cassis A Fragrance Eau de Toilette, £82.00

The Spicy Scent
Capturing the culture, beauty and scent of the Middle East, this Jo Loves perfume is perfect for anyone who likes their scent to be a little spicy and intriguing. Myrrh and nutmeg and intertwined with a patchouli and cedarwood base to give this scent an elegant warmth.


Jo Loves

Amber Lime & Bergamot, £82.00

The Alluring Scent
If you adore Jo Loves Amber Lime & Bergamot fragrance, you might be pleased to learn that it’s now available in a very handy paintbrush. The unique gel formula allows you to top-up the scent wherever you are. For those not au fait with the scent, it’s inspired by the 1920’s and champions smooth notes of amber and suede with a zesty, uplifting dash of bergamot.


Jo Loves

Pomelo A Fragrance, £82.00

The Bestselling Jo Loves Perfume
This was one of the first fragrances Jo created under the Jo Loves umbrella and it has been the brand’s bestselling scent ever since. It’s perfect for those who love uplifting citrus scents with grapefruit taking centre stage and a hint of vetiver.


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Posted: Wednesday, 17 January 2024

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