Here's How Color Wow Money Masque Worked On Three Different Hair Types

Color Wow Money Masque review | Space NK
Brace yourselves, Color Wow Money Masque has finally landed at Space NK. The hydrating hair mask has been making waves in beauty circles since it launched in March 2021 as it was the first product Color Wow created in collaboration with celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton.

Counting the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa as regulars and being responsible for some of their most noteworthy red carpet hairstyles, it’s safe to say that Chris Appleton knows what’s required to achieve gorgeous, healthy hair – and the Money Masque is a staple in his kit bag.

The peptide-packed formula promises to hydrate and smooth hair in just three minutes. Will it work wonders on your hair though? Whether you bleach, dye or straighten, it’s likely that you’ve tried your fair share of masks in bid to rehydrate, smooth and soften dry, damaged, tangled hair. Some formulas don’t touch the sides, while the others leave your hair feeling weighed down.

We decided to ask three Space NK team members with different hair types to try the Color Wow Money Masque and share their honest review. While our online merchandiser Viv has textured hair and our beauty editor Victoria has thick, frizz-prone hair, our content marketing assistant Lauren has finer, straight hair. Can the same hair mask really work on all three? Keep reading for our honest Color Wow Money Masque review…

Viv’s Color Wow Money Masque review

Hair type: afro, textured hair

Hair concerns: dry and fine

The product: Color Wow Chris Appleton + Color Wow Money Masque, £39.50

Before and after Color Wow Money Masque | Space NK
Before and after using Color Wow Money Masque

Hair masks are a slight obsession of mine and I use one every week. My usual go-to formulas focus on moisturising and bond building. I really rate Color Wow products as I use the iconic Dream Coat when I straighten my hair a few times a year. Still, it’s hard to believe that a hair mask can deliver results across three different hair types, so I was glad to take part in the Money Masque review.

Before I tried the mask my hair was quite dry and in need of some love. I washed my hair, applied the mask and then sat under my steamer for 30 minutes and afterwards my hair felt very soft. The texture of the mask is quite gloopy, but it’s easy to apply. My hair was easier to style after using the Money Masque and it felt super soft, so I will definitely use it again.

Lauren’s Color Wow Money Masque review

Hair type: fine, straight hair

Hair concerns: can get oily quickly

The product: Color Wow Chris Appleton + Color Wow Money Masque, £39.50

Before and after Color Wow Money Masque | Space NK
Before and after using Color Wow Money Masque

I use a lot of heated stylers, particularly curling tongs to give my hair some volume and shape. However, it means my hair can look dull and feel dry and straw-like. While I love using hair masks, I don’t use them nearly as often as I should to help rehydrate and repair my hair. The Money Masque is the first product I’ve tried from Color Wow and before I used it my hair was in dire need of some TLC as it was looking very dry. My flyaways and split ends were noticeable too.

The Money Masque is super thick, so I knew I would need to use it sparingly. I used it as part of my everything shower and left it on for a good 15 minutes. When I was drying my hair, I could tell immediately that it felt silkier. I also found curling my hair was easier as it felt smooth and was tangle-free.

It’s safe to say that I was impressed enough to use Color Wow’s hair mask a second time. This time I decided to leave it on and slick my hair back into a treatment bun while I worked from home. Again, my hair felt smooth and glossy. After two successful uses, I intend to incorporate the Money Masque into my regular haircare routine.

Victoria’s Color Wow Money Masque review

Hair type: thick, wavy hair

Hair concerns: prone to frizz

The product: Color Wow Chris Appleton + Color Wow Money Masque, £39.50

Before and after Color Wow Money Masque | Space NK
Before and after using Color Wow Money Masque

My hair routine is very simple, I wash my hair once a week and use Color Wow Dream Coat when I straighten it, and finish with a few drops of K18 HAIR Molecular Repair Hair Oil, £27.00 through the ends. About 10 years ago I ditched conditioner for good in favour of hair masks. I found the masks much more effective in smoothing my hair and easing frizz, especially during the winter.

Any hair mask that promises serious hydration is worth trying in my opinion. Before trying Color Wow’s Money Masque, I was using a Brazilian blow-dry inspired mask which phenomenal and set a high bar. When I first opened the Money Masque I was surprised by the texture – it’s more of a gloopy gel rather than a rich cream. As Viv said though, it is easy to apply and work into your hair. I followed the instructions and left it on for three minutes in the shower.

Even as I was rinsing the mask out of my hair, I noticed a difference. My hair felt smoother and softer. When it came to blow-drying, I used Dream Coat and my hair oil, and I would say my hair was definitely less knotty. Overall, my hair looked healthy and nourished. I wouldn’t say it was overly shiny or glossy, but that won’t put me off using Color Wow’s Money Masque again though.

The verdict on Color Wow Money Masque

It’s rare for a hair product to receive such resoundingly positive reviews from three people with different hair types, but Color Wow Money Masque did. “I think this is a great hair mask for just about anyone as you can leave it on for a longer treatment or use it for just three minutes and still see amazing results,” adds Lauren.

So, will this hair treatment work for you? Following these reviews, we feel confident enough to say yes. While those with finer hair might only hair on the ends, those with thicker hair will benefit from the mid-lengths to the tips.

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Posted: Monday, 27 November 2023

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