Five Indulgent Bamford Buys To Try Right Now

What better way to unwind than with some decadent bath and bodycare? A glug of aromatic oil in a steamy bath, followed by a skin-reviving scrub, is a steadfast way to revive flagging spirits. Our selection of five Bamford favourites is an excellent place to start. We’ve got the cult favourite bath oil that we can’t stop running under our taps, as well as a body cream that leaves our skin so soft that we can’t stop touching.



Jasmine Bath Oil, £48.00

The Soul Soothing Bath Oil
Few bath oils feel as luxe as the Jasmine Bath Oil. The heady, restorative scent of jasmine, orange blossom and cedar fill your bathroom, as steam from the bath dissipates. Not only is the scent deeply relaxing, but the oil leaves skin soft to the touch (and not at all greasy). If you’re more of a shower person, simply pour a small amount on to hands, cover your nose and mouth, and inhale.



Geranium Bath Salts, £32.00

The Mood-Boosting Bath Salts
There’s so much to love about Bamford’s Geranium Bath Salts. With sea salts to deeply cleanse and soothe skin and Epsom salts to soften and relax your mind and body, this blend creates the most nourishing self-care bath. The scent – geranium, laced with peppermint and eucalyptus – is bracing and uplifting, helping to wash away the day’s stresses.



Botanic Sugar Polish, £40.00

The Polishing Scrub
Bamford’s Botanical Body Scrub gives a satisfyingly thorough polish (particularly on arms and legs). Its grittiness comes from a sea salt and brown sugar blend that buffs away dead skin cells as you massage it in. The base of the scrub is a shea butter balm (which is rich and creamy), combined with olive and sesame oils, so hydration isn’t compromised. Expect smoother, softer skin with consistent use.



Rose Hand And Body Wash, £25.00

The Luxe Liquid Soap
While this soap can be used as a hand and body wash, it makes light and enjoyable work of hand washing (which we’re doing so much more regularly now). It’s full of kind-to-skin ingredients like aloe vera to soothe and hydrate, as well as plant-based cleansers that rid dirt gently. The scent is, unsurprisingly, rosy; but not the cloying type, as it’s balanced with lemon and ylang ylang – it lingers for hours after, too.



Wisteria Scented Candle, £29.00

The Uplifting Candle
Capturing Bamford's quintessentially British spirit, the Wisteria Scented Garden Candle smells like you’re walking through a cottage garden in late spring. Notes of wild honeysuckle and blossom to balance the sweet wisteria and the overall finish is fresh and outdoorsy. We're sure this elegant scent will convert even the most candle adverse.

Posted: Monday, 13 September 2021

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