6 Spring Fragrances To Instantly Lift Your Mood

6 Spring Fragrances To Instantly Lift Your Mood
Evenings are growing milder, linen is creeping back into our wardrobes, and after-work mojitos are back on the menu. You know what that means, don’t you? Spring is here! For fragrance enthusiasts, that’s big news. A change of seasons marks the moment for a scent switchover - a time to swap out those snuggly, comforting winter scents for something fresh, fruity, floral, and most importantly for spring 2022, fun! Why? Because this year marks our first, fully unrestricted spring since C-who-must-not-be-named forced us into hiding. And if that’s not cause for a scent celebration, we don’t know what is.

Jo Malone CBE, founder of Jo Loves agrees “This year, it's all about celebrating the strength that got us all through the last two years and confidently stepping back out into the world again,” she tells us. “It feels like a subtle playfulness is abound,” Matthew Herman, co-founder of Boy Smells adds. “A return to social interactions combined with hard-learned truths are equalling a new sense of identity and a pent up demand to have some fun.”

So, what does ‘fun’ mean when it comes to fragrance? Think of it as simply adding a twist to those Spring classics. “Florals are always what people think of first for spring,” Matthew rightly notes, but for this year, he suggests choosing a floral with flare. “At Boy Smells we like it when florals are mixed with less obvious things like notes of ambrox, peppercorn, and suede,” he tells us.

Of course, how we wear a fragrance is just as important as the notes we choose when heading into a new season. For spring, it’s all about finding ways to help your scent last in the new, warmed-up environment. “Heat, perspiration, and activity can all weather the strength of your fragrance,” Matthew warns. Luckily Jo has some tips to help your scent last. “Spray your fragrance onto a clean blank skin canvas and allow it to dry naturally, and avoid rubbing your wrists together,” she advises. “Fragrance layering can also make your scent last longer so apply a scented body crème first and then follow up with an EDT,” she suggests. “I also like a little dab at the back of the neck to make sure your hair is as perfumed as your skin, and reapply mid-day if needed,” adds Matthew. Ready to meet your new and improved scent for this season?

Our 6 Favourite Fragrances For Spring 2022


Boy Smells

Flor de la Virgen, £105.00

The Isolated Citrus
Forget fragrances overflowing with an abundance of clean, splashy citrus fruits. For spring 2022, we’re focussing on the solo citrus effect. Take this scent for example, which heroes pomelo - arguably the cleanest of citrus notes. It blissfully cuts through sweet jasmine flowers, while a dry, earthy composition of saffron, and deep, resinous olibanum at the base adds that turn-of-the-season edge.


Tom Ford

Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum, £280.00

The fruity-but-fierce one
Sweet, juicy notes of peach are spliced with a sharp grapefruit accord above a grounding base of dry, earthy, leathery vetiver, dark, creamy sandalwood and rum in this grown-up take on a playful, fruity scent. A far cry from the coy, timid fruity fragrances of our past, this fragrance works best with a daring outfit and unapologetic attitude.


Maison Margiela

When the Rain Stops Eau de Toilette, £49.00

The Moody Aquatic
Rain-soaked earth after a downpour is the inspiration for this moreish scent. It’s carefree and bracing on the senses with accents of pink pepper, sharp pine needles and carnal rose petals whirling on an clean, aquatic backdrop, while an enticing, vegetal, woody mist hovers in the background.



De Los Santos Eau de Parfum, £130.00

The Musky Floral
When a fragrance calls on powdery, earthy, rooty iris for its bouquet, you can wave goodbye to ideas of a flouncy floral scent. Especially when that bouquet sits within a whirl of musk. A hint of aromatic sage offers an uplifting moment in this scent, while warming amber and heady whirls of incense leave you with a sense of calmness and serenity.


Escentric Molecules

Molecule 01 Eau de Toilette, £46.00

The Upgrade Of Airy
It’s the fragrance that smells like you, only better. And what greater way to mark our scented reintroduction into society. Centering on the Iso Super E aroma molecule - a subtle creamy, woody accord which adapts to each wearer, this is our spring 2022 edition of a next-to-nothing scent.


Jo Loves

Golden Gardenia A Fragrance, £75.00

The Unexpected Bouquet
Florals for Spring may not be groundbreaking, but when heady, intoxicating gardenia petals sit within a nest of rich, woody accords, intertwined with spicy-but-smooth Suede Cardamom, it’s worth sitting up and paying attention.“A twist on the traditional floral scent,” says Jo.


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