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Bronzing drops have become a makeup staple for many of us hoping to give our skin a natural-looking, healthy glow in seconds. It’s not just the convenience either, it’s the way these drops can be mixed into your skincare or makeup and be used sparingly or layered up for a stronger look.

Mixing your bronzing drops with your sunscreen has always been a firm no-no though. That was until Ultra Violette unveiled its Queen Screen Glow Drops – available in bronzing and illuminating drops – which provide factor 50 protection. That’s right, you can now achieve that healthy bronzed glow and keep your skin protected from UV rays.

Over the past few years, the Australian SPF brand has revolutionised the sunscreen world with its array of protective skinscreens that cater to all skin types with various lightweight, comfortable textures. The Supreme Screen Hydrating Facial Skinscreen and Queen Screen SPF50+ Luminising Serum Skinscreen regularly top the list for bestselling SPFs.

Are the Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF50 Super Glow Drops as good as the rest of the range? We put them to the test. Our SEO Content Coordinator Hanitra tried out the brand’s illuminating drops, while our Quality and Training Manager Dotty reviewed Ultra Violette’s bronzing drops. Keep scrolling for their honest reviews.

How To Use Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF50 Super Glow Drops

Ultra Violette recommends mixing these Glow Drops in with your existing SPF for a protective, glow-giving finish. If you’re looking for coverage too, opt for Ultra Violette Daydream Screen SPF50 Tinted Veil, £38.00. You can also use the Glow Drops on top of your base as a bronzer or highlighter – just make sure you’ve applied SPF first if you’re not using them all over.

Dotty and Hanitra used their Glow Drops in their own way, so keep reading to find out more.

Hanitra’s Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF50 Super Glow Drops Illuminating review

Skin tone: Medium

The product: Ultra Violette Queen Screen™ SPF50 Super Glow Drops Illuminating, £33.00

I’ve always been curious about this type of product, especially as someone who has oily skin and usually stays away from anything glowy. The texture is very fine and water-like, similar to the Queen Screen SPF. It feels very light on the skin.

I’m not going to lie, when I first applied two small drops on my face, it looked really scary and I didn’t think the formula was going to blend well. It did though and it actually looked very natural – I wouldn’t use a full dropper though! It gave my skin a healthy glow and didn’t look oily. I did avoid using it on my forehead though as it gets quite shiny throughout the day and I thought it might be too much.

Before and after Ultra Violette Queen Screen Glow Drops Illuminating | Space NK

My favourite way to wear Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF50 Super Glow Drops Illuminating is to mix them into my foundation or skin tint. It’s a great addition to my makeup routine especially as we move into summer. I’m quite diligent with my SPF (Ultra Violette Fave Fluid is a favourite of mine) and I wouldn’t rely on these drops to provide full protection as I definitely don’t use enough. I see them as more of an add-on.

Dotty’s Ultra Violette Bronzing Glow Drops review

Skin tone: Medium/dark

The product: Ultra Violette Queen Screen™ SPF50 Super Glow Drops Bronzing, £33.00

I hadn’t used bronzing drops prior to trying Ultra Violette’s Queen Screen Glow Drops and I was surprised by just how much I loved them! The texture was light and the finish was illuminating. I applied the drops over my tinted moisturiser, which worked so well for my skin type and tone.

My skin looked flawless and healthy. I think you could also add them into your tinted moisturiser or foundation for more of an all over glow if you wanted. They’re so versatile, I recommend trying them out with different products to find the best combination for your skin.

Before and after Ultra Violette Queen Screen Glow Drops Bronzing| Space NK

Like Hanitra, I applied my usual SPF beforehand and saw Ultra Violette’s bronzing drops as extra protection rather than the sole sun protection.

Our Verdict On Ultra Violette Queen Screen Glow Drops

Both Hanitra and Dotty liked Ultra Violette’s Glow Drop. “I’ll absolutely keep using the drops, but not as an everyday product. I think I’ll keep it for the days when I want to keep my makeup light,” says Hanitra. Dotty recommends these drops to, “anyone who wants a skin boost!”

The pros: Both the bronzing and illuminating drops give your skin an instant glow. They work on different skin types and tones, and you can add as many or as few drops to achieve the finish you want.

The cons: It’s unlikely that you’re going to use enough of either of these drops to get the full factor 50 protection, so make sure you apply your regular sunscreen beforehand.

More From Ultra Violette

As we’ve already mentioned Ultra Violette’s SPF formulas are very popular with Space NK customers. The Australian brand’s aim to make sun protection easy to apply and comfortable goes further than your usual sunscreen for face and body sprays though. Ultra Violette Preen Screen SPF50 Reapplication Mist Skinscreen™, £15.00 makes reapplication seamless, even over makeup, while Ultra Violette Sheen Screen Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 50, £8.00 comes in a range of tints and flavours to keep lips protected and glossy.

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Posted: Monday, 06 May 2024

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