Six Steps to your Best Skin in Autumn

Six Steps to your Best Skin in Autumn
Autumn has arrived and, as always, it has brought colder temperatures with it. For our skin, that means our barrier needs extra attention as there is the potential for increased sensitivity. What does a good autumnal skincare look like? Well, the focus should be on hydration and strengthening your skin barrier and upping your use of ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

All skin types, even oily ones, need to watch out for dehydration in autumn. The combination of cold, wet, windy weather and central heating can take a toll on your skin, leaving it feeling dry, red and sensitive. That doesn’t mean you should ditch your exfoliator though.

The most important thing to remember is to have a consistent skincare routine that encourages hydration with a gentle cleanser, effective serums, a good face cream and SPF every morning. Read on to discover our step by step autumn routine and find out which products we’re switching to for the new season.

Our Favourite Skincare Products for Autumn


Tula Skincare

The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser, £10.00

Step 1: Gently Cleanse
When it comes to having a strong skin barrier, probiotics are one of the best ingredients to incorporate into a skincare routine as they help to balance your microbiome. This new cleanser from Tula has arrived just in time for this season. The gentle formula will remove all dirt and makeup without stripping your skin.



Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum, £68.00

Step 2: Top-Up On Antioxidants
Packed with powerhouse ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides and niacinamide, this Fresh Serum will not only hydrate the skin, but it will also give you an instant radiant glow. It’s a great combination to have on hand to also support skin barrier and protect the skin from environmental stressors like pollution.


Drunk Elephant

Ceramighty™ AF Eye Balm, £53.00

Step 3: Pat On Your Eye Cream
Even eye cream sceptics have been won over by Drunk Elephant’s latest offering. The creamy balm has an incredibly lightweight texture that absorbs into skin within seconds. One pump pressed around your eye area will be enough to hydrate and create a super smooth canvas for your concealer.


Kate Somerville

Hydrakate™ Recharging Water Cream, £65.00

Step 4: Use A Balancing Moisturiser
Finding the right face cream can be difficult, especially going into a new season when your skin’s needs are changing. This moisturiser from Kate Somerville works for all skin types, even sensitive skin and will give a boost of hydration to restore balance. Your skin will look and feel your skin instantly hydrated and plump. If you’re looking for a skincare-makeup hybrid, you should try Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint, £70.00.



Advanced Day Total Protect SPF30, £57.00

Step 5: Apply Your SPF
The sun may not be shining as bright as it was a couple months back, but it’s still very much here and so are the UV rays. Wearing SPF is a non-negotiable all-year round, it will add some hydration on top of your moisturiser and protect your skin from photo-ageing. This sunscreen has a nice powdery finish, which makes it the ideal last step to your skincare and first step to your makeup.



The Kissu Lip Mask, £27.00

Step 6: The Lip Essential
Colder weather means drier lips and we’re not here for those. This Tatcha Lip mask is made with squalane and locks in moisture instantly. Although it’s meant to be night-time lip mask, we love using this one during the day for that plump lip look.



Skin Hero Peeling, £40.00

Weekly: Slough Away Dry Skin
We promised a six step autumn routine, but a solid regimen includes regular exfoliation. Erborian Skin Hero Peeling not only gets rid of dry, dead skin, but over time it also helps to lift dark spots thanks to the blend of alpha hydroxy acids. We recommend using this as part of your evening routine once a week for skin-boosting results.


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Posted: Monday, 03 October 2022

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