Heela Yang On Her Weeknight Self-Care Ritual

Heela Yang On Her Weeknight Self-Care Ritual
She might be the co-founder of one of the most globally renowned beauty brands, but Heela Yang, like a lot of us, is currently balancing the joys of working from home and being a mum. Naturally, her beauty routine includes a lot of Sol de Janeiro products, but Heela relies on a couple of other brands too.

Here is her weeknight self-care ritual and her Sunday evening trick for keeping stress at bay…

The Post-Work Wind Down

As I’m working from home at the moment, the commute is somewhat shorter. I’ll walk downstairs, take a big breath, give my son a long, big hug, and then grab a tall glass of water from the kitchen. Before dinner, I make sure I do a yoga session (my current favourite YouTube teacher is Travis Eliot) or a Sweat From Home workout class. During the week I tend to stick to light dinners.

From time to time I have to help my son with his homework, but otherwise I try to meditate (transcendental meditation) for 20 minutes. When it’s cold outside, you can often find me sitting by the fireplace with a magazine and cosy throw if I’m feeling particularly stressed.

My 10-Step Routine

My son goes to bed around 9pm and I catch up on some news while I’m in the bathroom and I do a head-to-toe beauty routine. I take a quick shower with and then I have my 10-step cleansing and skincare routine. I use a lot of products – I guess I’m just a product junkie! There is something really joyful about discovering new products, slotting them into your routine and learning about new ingredients and trends, I love it. My current skin favourites include Eve Lom Cleanser, £48 and .

My Self-Care Routine

Meditation is the most amazing way for me to de-stress, as I mentioned before. It really helps me to re-ground myself and feel calm. However, if I have time, I’ll also try to have a long, hot soak with bath salts to help me relax. I’ll light a candle, apply onto damp hair (I promise you, it’s truly divine) and let it get to work while I indulge myself with a Netflix show in the tub.

When I get out of the bath, I use an exfoliating cloth. I probably have about four different types, so like a cloth, a sponge, just depending on what I need. I’m a big believer in exfoliation and moisturisation together, it’s not just one or the other, so I’ll use . By the time I’m finished my hair and skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated, and any hint of stress and tension is gone. I love feeling super clean before climbing into my cozy bed.

My Stress-Reducing Trick

Sunday evenings are my big prep evenings and I try to map out my week as much as possible and work out what I need to achieve. While I’ll look at my calendar and send few emails that are critical on weeknights, I try my best to leave them until the next day if they can wait.

Posted: 星期一, 08 七月 2019