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This is a public service announcement: D.S. & Durga has finally arrived at Space NK. Founded in 2018 by musician and self-taught perfumer David Seth and architect and design expert Kavi Ahuja, D.S. & Durga has taken the fragrance world by storm.

Based in New York, David and Kavi draw inspiration from their love of art, design, music and nature to create some truly unique scents wrapped up in minimalist bottles that are very pleasing to the eye. D.S. & Durga perfumes are made to be on show rather than kept in the cupboard.

Why We Love D.S. & Durga

At first glance, it can be hard to grasp what D.S. & Durga's USP is. While Pistachio is a literal take on, while Steamed Rainbow is so obviously conceptual. Then you smell these artfully blended perfumes and it all makes sense.

David and Kavi take a playful approach to fragrance, breathing new life into an industry that is swamped with celebrity scents and classics. The clever play on fragrance notes brings their vision to life and once you’ve smelt one D.S. & Durga fragrance, you want to spritz them all.

The Best D.S. & Durga Fragrances



I Don’t Know What, £70.00

The fragrance: I Don’t Know What

Key notes: Bergamot, Iso E Super and vetiver

Smells like: Fresh with a slight hint of musk and spice that gives it an animalistic feel. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t like D.S. & Durga’s I Don’t Know What. Designed to be worn alone or layered with another scent to create something truly unique, this is a fragrance worth adding to your collection.



Pistachio, £155.00

The fragrance: Pistachio

Key notes: Pistachio, cardamom and vanilla crème

Smells like: This fragrance does was it says on the tin. With pistachio top, middle and base notes, you experience the sweet, nutty flavour of the green nut with this scent. Intertwined with the softest hint of cardamom, vanilla crème and patchouli, D.S. & Durga have perfectly mimicked the subtle creaminess you get too – pistachios are part of the cashew family after all.



Steamed Rainbow, £155.00

The fragrance: Steamed Rainbow

Key notes: Blood mandarin, grass and violet

Smells like: Zesty citrusy notes blended with the freshness of grass give this scent an uplifting brightness – not dissimilar to a rainbow some might say. As the fragrance dries down, the floral notes come through, but they’re gentle enough not to overpower the freshness from the citrus and grass notes. It’s a great scent for spring.



Radio Bombay, £70.00

The fragrance: Radio Bombay

Key notes: Sandalwood, cedar and coconut

Smells like: A polished wooden cabinet in a Mumbai apartment with the windows open, so you catch the subtlest whiff of spices cooking elsewhere. We appreciate this is a niche description, but this creamy, woody scent really does create a vibe. If you love sandalwood fragrances, this is one to seek out.



Debaser, £70.00

The fragrance: Debaser

Key notes: Fig, coconut milk and moss

Smells like: A hot, humid summer’s day just as a gentle breeze starts the pick-up before the rain. The fig and moss give this scent an earthy freshness, while the addition of coconut milk lends a creamy warmth. Named after a song on the Pixies Doolittles album, this fragrance is an ode to David’s passion for music.



Deep Dark Vanilla, £155.00

The fragrance: Deep Dark Vanilla

Key notes: Vanilla absolute, pink pepper and hay

Smells like: A rich, earthy vanilla that’s neither too sickly nor too sweet. The ‘deep’ and ‘dark’ in the name might lead you to believe this is an opulent, creamy take on the popular gourmand note, but D.S. & Durga’s vanilla perfume has an intriguing rawness to it.



Rose Atlantic, £70.00

The fragrance: Rose Atlantic

Key notes: rose accord, petals and salt water
Smells like: A bed of roses grown on the coastline. Veering far away from anything powdery or musty, D.S. & Durga’s take on a classic rose scent incorporates the greenness of the stem, leaves and surrounding area and with a pinch of sea salt, Rose Atlantic has a mineral-y freshness.



Italian Citrus, £155.00

The fragrance: Italian Citrus

Key notes: Bitter orange, blood orange and Amalfi lemon

Smells like: An afternoon driving along the Amalfi coast, catching wafts of the lemon groves. This is D.S. & Durga’s take on a classic cologne and it is seriously fresh. With all the citrus notes, this is a must-have fragrance for anyone who loves an uplifting, zesty scent.


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