Amelia Freer On Achieving That Glow From Within

Amelia Freer On Achieving That Glow From Within
With over a decade of experience, an address book filled with A-list clients and several books to her name, Amelia Freer is the nutritional therapist to know about. While we were intrigued by the contents of her fridge and how she stays healthy, what we really wanted to know was how she maintains her radiant complexion, even if the depths of winter amid the stress of Christmas and Covid. “I know it’s not the most original answer, but you really can’t separate skin health from our body overall,” she said. “All those basic lifestyle habits, like having a good diet and getting regular exercise, make such a difference.” Not fulfilled with that, we asked Amelia to share her top glow-boosting tips…

You Are What You Eat

When I don’t get enough leafy greens in my diet, I notice that my skin looks less radiant and my energy levels drop. Therefore, I always try to have three portions of green vegetables a day (which is easier to achieve once they’re cooked as they often reduce to a fraction of the volume compared to eating them raw). Adding just one extra portion a day is a great place to start.

In general, I try to base my meals on a couple of portions of vegetables (the more colourful, the better), and then include some sort of protein (most often eggs, oily fish like mackerel, sardines or salmon, chicken, pulses or nuts and seeds), and add some plant-based healthy fats like olive oil or avocado plus a boost of flavour (cue the lemon zest, chilli flakes and fresh chopped herbs). It’s a basic guide that I find helps me to assemble nourishing meals with whatever I have in the house.

Look After Your Skin

I absolutely love beauty products. I enjoy the ritual, the scents and the process as much as the results and have found a few firm favourites over the years that work well for my skin. A few years ago, I watched a video by Sarah Chapman on how to cleanse and massage and that has become part of my daily routine. To boost your glow, you need to take your time to do a long double cleanse and really massage your skin - I love Votary Cleansing Oil - Rose Geranium & Apricot, £55.

Get Some Fresh Air

I am also walking every day at the moment (I always add Sarah Chapman Skin Insurance SPF50+, £69), whatever the weather. Getting outside and moving, especially if it is with a friend (safely distanced of course) always shifts my mood and puts some colour back into my cheeks.

Pamper Yourself

I also love to take a bath in the evening when I can, which feels particularly special when it’s cold and dark outside. I’ll light a candle and it feels like such a tonic after a long stressful day. Since giving up alcohol (it really impacts my sleep so I’m choosing non-alcohol alternatives for now), it’s become the unwinding ritual that I most look forward to all day.

Prioritise Sleep

For most of us – myself included - that means seven to eight hours a night. Not just in bed, but actually asleep. We need to work back from our waking-up time, accounting for those hours and then allowing extra for unwinding and falling asleep. I find that just two or three bad nights severely limits my resilience and ability to manage stress and shows up on my skin. I have become a fierce guard of these nighttime hours!

For more tips from Amelia Freer, check out her online video course, The Joy of Healthy Eating.

Posted: 星期三, 09 十二月 2020

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