Our 5 Favourite Ulé Skincare Products

Our 5 Favourite Ulé Skincare Products
Ulé is the new sustainable kid on the block and it’s raising the bar for environmentally conscious brands. The French beauty brand has a small but succinct line of skincare products that promise to hydrate and strengthen your skin barrier using potent extracts grown from its Eco-Farm in France.

Why We Love Ulé

These days it’s relatively easy for brands to opt for recyclable packaging and offer refillables, Ulé has gone much further. Every ingredient that Ulé uses can be traced and there’s a barcode that you can scan to find out when and where each plant was harvested. Scroll down to find out more about the brand's eco credentials and in the meantime, here are the Ulé products we are loving…

5 Of The Best Ulé Products



Avoir It All In & Out Phyto Oil, £64.00

The All-In-One
Avoir It All – In & Out Oil is the ultimate multitasking beauty product. The lightweight vitamin E-infused oil can be used to hydrate your skin (we use it on our hair and nails too) and added to food or drink to help boost your glow from within. It’s vegan-friendly and made up of 99% natural ingredients.



Je Suis Chill CBD Moisturiser, £70.00

The Skin Soother
This is one of the most luxurious textures we’ve ever felt. The rich cream melts into skin and leaves it feeling so incredibly soft. Whether you have dry or sensitive skin, this face cream is a great option as it hydrates and soothes with the help of CBD, hemp oil and Ulé’s Pure 3otany™ Extract 333 which is made up of centella, tulsi and coleus all grown at the brand’s Eco-Farm.



Oh La Plump Quenching Hydration Serum, £80.00

The Hydrating Hero
Ulé’s answer to a hyaluronic acid serum, Oh La Plump Quenching Serum is a skincare must-have for all skin types. Alongside three hyaluronic acids, you’ll find olive and chestnut extracts as well as Ulé’s Pure 3otany™ Extract 334, which helps to strengthen your skin barrier and lock hydration in. The serum is lightweight and doesn’t have the tackiness that some hyaluronic serums have.



Le Beau Reset Balancing Floral Mist Toner, £56.00

The Midday Reset
The beauty of this face mist is that it can be used as a calming toner in the morning and a midday refresh if you’re skin is feeling a little parched. Packed full of prebiotics, probiotics, soothing cornflower water and Ulé’s Pure 3otany™ Extract 333, this formula helps to reset and rebalance your skin without leaving it feeling greasy.



Rêve of Pure Gel Cleanser, £34.00

The Rebalancing Cleanse
This gel cleanser washes away makeup, dirt, pollution and excess oil without irritating your skin barrier. The lightweight texture makes it easy to rinse off and the delicate lavender scent has a calming effect on your mood. It’s one of our favourite first cleanses in the evening for this reason.


Ulé’s eco credentials

By growing the ingredients, blending the formulas and packaging the product in France, Ulé has dramatically cut the carbon emissions of each and every cream, cleanser, mist and serum. The brand’s Pure 3otany™ Extracts include centella, tulsi and coleus, which are all grown in the Eco-Farm using vertical farming techniques.

What Is Vertical Farming?

Ulé’s Eco-Farm includes 3m high vertical towers that can hold up to 400 plants of the same type. Planted in eco-friendly sponge rather than soil and located in a temperature, humidity and light controlled room ensures growth without the need for fertilisers. Even more impressively, 95% of the water used in the process is recycled.

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Posted: Thursday, 23 March 2023

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