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When you’re regarded as one of the greatest makeup artists in the fashion and beauty industry, launching your own beauty brand would seem obvious. However, New Zealand-born British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge made a point of building something vital beforehand: a devoted community of enthusiasts who followed her YouTube tutorials and hacks religiously. Thankfully for all the Lisa fans out there, the moment of truth came in 2018 when she launched her eponymous brand with a series of lipsticks – these sold out instantly.

The luxurious range has unsurprisingly grown into a full-fledged collection that is both aspirational and accessible, and embodies Lisa’s love for makeup, colour and artistry. But while it’s fair to say Lisa lives and breathes beauty, her brand is much more than a passion for makeup – it’s a love letter to her community.

Given that Lisa Eldridge is known and adored for sharing her beauty pearls of wisdom, we asked her to share five of her top makeup hacks that may very well transform your beauty routine.


Lisa Eldridge may have worked with some of the biggest celebrities in the business (Taylor Swift, Cindy Crawford and Kim Kardashian to namedrop a few), but that doesn’t mean her standards of beauty are unrealistic. In fact, when it comes to an everyday base, her mantra is less is more. “Naturally perfected, fresh and effortless looking skin is my calling card in the beauty industry,” she says. “When it comes to creating this look, I swear by my Patchwork Skin Technique, which involves intuitively applying products to only certain areas of the face to allow the beauty of your natural skin to shine through. If you need a little extra coverage, buff your foundation on in thin layers, just where it’s needed.”


If there is one look that Lisa Eldridge will never tire of, that’s her irresistible take on the timeless winged eyeliner. “Throughout my career, I’ve been known amongst my clients for my signature Kitten Eye look. It’s a subtler, more delicate version of a full-on cat eye,” she explains. “The look starts with extra thin liner of Lisa Eldridge Kitten Flick Liquid Eyeliner, £25.00 along the inner third of the lashline, that gradually thickens at the outer edge, ending with a chic and delicate flick. It’s playful and elevated – it never feels heavy or overdone.”

As for her top tip for mastering the perfect flick? “Start by looking straight ahead into the mirror, starting ¾ of the way along your lid and flicking outwards for an easy kitten flick. Don’t take it all the way to your inner eye, it’s much quicker and easier to start from ¾ way out, than trying to make it work along the whole length of the lid,” she advises.

The perfect finishing touch? Mascara. “I always complete this look with fanned out, lifted and separated, luscious lashes – this flirty flick and lifted lash shape gives everyone bigger, brighter, elevated eyes,” she concludes.


Lisa is passionate about colour and makeup being treated a playful and creative artform, championing her ‘makeup mixology’ ethos for an easy and enlivening blush. “I love indulging in fun, texture and colour mixology,” she says. “You can create your very own bespoke illuminating blush by mixing one of my True Velvet Lip Colours with Lisa Eldridge Elevated Glow Highlighter, £27.00. Just sweep it across the apples of your cheeks for a fresh flush of colour.”


“Really well applied highlighter should look as if it's part of your foundation, not a separate entity sitting on top of your makeup,” she says. To achieve this, her trick is to use the same foundation brush that you used to apply your foundation. “A little foundation will still be left on the brush and this will help it fit in with the rest of your makeup.”

“Pick up some liquid highlighter with the same brush and apply it to accentuate the high points of your face. You shouldn’t be able to see where it begins or ends – make sure the edges are totally smoothed out, so that it really looks like it’s part of your skin,” she advises. “This will catch the light beautifully whilst still looking natural and skin-like – regardless of whether this is in daylight or studio lights!”


As the first product that launched her beauty line, lipstick is one of Lisa’s biggest passions. “I always get so many questions on how to wear a high-impact lip colour, without emphasising a downturned mouth, or inadvertently creating a ‘sad mouth’,” Lisa says. Queue her signature ‘Tips For Happy Lips.’ Breaking down each step for us, Lisa believes “it will change the way you apply your lipstick forever!”

Step 1: Use your favourite concealer and a precision brush to ‘cut off’ the outer, downturned corners of the lower lip.

Step 2: Take your chosen lipstick and apply to the lower lip using a lip brush, leaving out those outer corners.

Step 3: Apply lipstick to the upper lip, going to the edge of your lip shape, but not over!

Step 4: Further enhance and define your upper and then lower lips with a liner, to your desired shape.

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Posted: Tuesday, 19 March 2024

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